Hello, I'm Holly aka Lolly4Holly. I love writing. I've been writing for 10+ years and recently just joined TG Storytime to share some of my work. I'm an English writer from the United Kingdom, but I tend to set most of my stories in the USA. I'm female in my mid-twenties.

I've always loved Genderswap - Bodyswap - Transgender type movies. Some of my favourites that I grew up with are Big, Switch, 13 going on 30, Just One of the Girls, Just One of the Guys, Lady Bugs, Freaky Friday 1976 - 1995 - 2003 versions. Tomboy, Hot Chick, Wish Upon a Star, It's a Boy Girl Thing, Boys Don't Cry, A Girl Like Me, Transamerica, Change-Up, 17 Again, Mrs Doubtfire, A Saintly Switch, Shaggy Dog, She's the Man, White Chicks... and many more.

Some of the stories that I'll be uploading deal with age-regression, lesbian, gay, transgender, body swap, gender swap, magical gender change and sci-fi. Mostly short stories, since the longer ones make me nervous to even attempt to get back into. I've got a hard drive with 10 years worth of stories to look through and update, so there will be plenty more to come. I'm beta-ing them myself, so all mistakes are my own.

I also write on Fanfiction -
Same as on here. Lolly4Holly

Favourite quotes:

“Let me be me, or let me be.”
-- Anthony Liccione

“If you judge a person that you don't even know by the tattoos they have, the piercings they have, the way they dress or by how they look to you in general, YOU are the one with the issue, not them. Stop the hate. Live and let live.”
-- Tanya Masse

-- Your words are weapons, be careful how you use them --
Reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!
~ Holly
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Stories by Lolly4Holly
Gary Truman is a waste of space or so he believes. He lives a plain directionless life, a world away from the beautiful, young, successful Daphne, who seems to have it all. A simple accident completely changes both of their lives around, not only trapping the mismatched strangers in each other's bodies, but in their chaotic lives too. Work-in-progress
Rated: Explicit 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 13407 Words: 4436 Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
A magical heirloom causes havoc in the household. Junior, Helen and Arty have discovered the secrets of an old family heirloom. Have you ever dreamed of becoming someone else, thought about being the opposite sex or just wanted to take a vacation from being you? Junior, Helen and Arty learn the hard way that it's not all it's cracked up to be. 4 Chapters. COMPLETE.
Rated: Deviant 15 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 34194 Words: 32720 Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
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