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Stories by burnabyjoe
I am losing who I am, I need to remember. All you people get to bear witness to the fact I am not really Meghan.
Rated: Explicit 1 Reviews starstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 24590 Words: 5764 Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Categories: Sci-Fi Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Young Adult (20-26 yrs)
Locale: Formal Dance
Motivation for Change: Forced
Personality: Fights Change, Loses Identity
Sexual Orientation: Becomes Only Attracted to Men
Story Theme: Everyday Living
Type of Change: Body Swap
Series: None
Published: 12/29/15
Updated: 10/30/16
Stephen Donaldson was the new Minister of Finance for the Freedom Party. His first budget saw significant cuts for women in politics. He will have to learn the hard way why that was not a good policy thanks to a little magic and a change in perspective.
Rated: Kid-Friendly 0 Reviews Story Incomplete Reads: 4968 Words: 2526 Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Adult (27-62 yrs)
Featured Items: High Heels
Motivation for Change: Blackmailed, Forced
Personality: Cultural/Nationality Change, Fights Change, Loses Identity
Story Theme: Everyday Living
Type of Change: Drug-Induced
Series: None
Published: 04/06/16
Updated: 10/28/16
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