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Stories by Semicolon
A witch forces a young innocent man to suffer in place of her evil, shallow, daughter for a curse. After being thrown away and forgotten, he is forced to live a new reality, struggling to return to a normal life while the curse strands him in the body of a petite, bottom-heavy woman where even the simplest and most menial tasks become endeavors, cursed with the obscene body proportions that comes with becoming Lillian Widdel...
Rated: Explicit 23 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 110362 Words: 38996 Chapters: 10 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Young Adult (20-26 yrs)
Featured Items: Long Nails
Locale: College
Body Modification: Extreme Breast Enlargement, Lips Plumped, Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Hair/Skin/Nail Change
Motivation for Change: Curse, Forced, Tricked
Personality: Fights Change, Loses Identity
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Bisexual
Story Theme: Everyday Living, Horror, Humiliation, Witchcraft
Type of Change: Body Swap, Fast/Instant Change, Identity Theft, Stuck
Series: None
Published: 10/20/16
Updated: 09/06/17
A young man is taken into a mirror to see what his life may become, another wakes up in a desolate place after trying to impress a girl, vampires are real and a forest grants a young man his one and only wish! The play button awaits on this collection of excellent TG fiction, brought to you as only a TG Mixed Tape can! And when that's over, check out the Mixed Tape round table interview, brought to you as only a few of the contributors to this Tape can! Also includes a story by Trismegistus Shandy.
Rated: Adult 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 13517 Words: 32516 Chapters: 15 Table of Contents
Kazuki is an avid watcher of anime; he knows all there is to it! He's got every cliché and 'plot twist' memorized. Good thing too! He and his group of friends are one day suddenly transformed each into a stereotypical part of a harem! The only hope of returning back to normal is finding the culprit behind this madness by surviving through the world of anime clichés. Only by utilizing all of his knowledge can Kazuki save himself and his friends!
Rated: Adult 11 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Story Incomplete Reads: 16685 Words: 5630 Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Teen (13-19 yrs)
Turned Into: Fantasy Character, Teenager, Twin
Featured Items: Boots, Maid Uniform, Pantyhose, Petticoat, Lace, Ruffles, Crinoline, School Uniform, Undies
Locale: High School
Motivation for Change: Forced, Unknown
Personality: Fights Change, From Dominant to Submissive, Loses Identity
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Attracted Only to Men
Story Theme: Comedy, Genie/Wishes, Romance
Type of Change: Fast/Instant Change, Stuck
Series: None
Published: 09/24/15
Updated: 09/30/15
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