Ragtime Rachel
I'm a relative newcomer to TG Fiction, specializing in TG fiction stories with disabled protagonists. I myself am disabled, having had cerebral palsy from birth. Disability is a subject rarely tackled in transgender fiction, and the purpose of my stories is, in part, to remind people that the transgender community is far more varied than they could ever imagine.
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Stories by Ragtime Rachel
A mysterious diary. An unconventional adult film shoot. A night out on the town ends with… a transformation. Read all these stories in this month’s TG Mixed Tape, along with an examination of the filmography of the Wachowski siblings (of The Matrix fame), how the pair incorporate queer themes into their work, and Speed Racer (2008) as an artistic statement and a reflection on Lana Wachowski’s transition; an interview with Jenny North, who talks cosplay and genre-(and gender)-bending; and more! [In addition to the credited authors this collection also includes contributions from Angharad, Jenny North, Maredsous, and Melange]
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On thanksgiving a trans girl prepares to come out to her family. A mysterious entity wreaks havoc on an adult film set. While experimenting with each other’s sexual fantasies, a man learns more about his partner than he bargained for. These are just some of the stories on offer in this collection of short, short fiction by twelve different voices in TG Fiction. [Includes an interview with Dorothy Colleen.]
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Everyone’s favorite magical cassette is back! This month featuring 12 short, short stories that will transport you from the exclusive and dangerous worlds of royals and aristocrats, to slices of contemporary life, to the last days of Planet Earth, and an interview with Minikisa the author of “Of Heroes and Villains”.
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