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Hi! My name is Xenia Garder, but I go by the ailas Xie TG. I am merely a writer with some strange ideas. I enjoy TG stories; The changes in them normally give rise to creative plots, and how the changes occur can lead to inspiration for all sorts of other stories. However, most people see TG as an excuse to input sex, rape, and other ideas into their stories. Most people don't seem to understand the artwork that is TG. It's about someone changing, and having to adapt to that kind of change.
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Jordan Levine, age 16, is given superpowers after survivng a fire in a chemical warehouse. However, as he begins to explore his powers, he meets a man who takes him to a strange highschool where he is taught how to control his powers, interacts with teenagers with a wide variety of superpowers, and even fights evil every now and then during the weekends. But when a supervillian of old rises to power once more, it is up to him and four other trainees to decide the fate of not only the students and the school, but the fate of superheros in general.
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