Hi, I'm Chrissy, or CJ. Whichever you feel comfortable calling me. I come here alot to find good stories, and find them I do! I have just recently began to submit my own, and depending on how well it is received, I will continue to do so. I love the community here and enjoy the writings!

Something I really don't want to do is offend anyone. And I know that my stories have the potential to do that. I sincerely apologize if the content of my story offends you.

I really want to be a girl, however I lack the money, time and support to make the transition.

I immerse myself into my stories and so in a way I become my character. This is my way of being who I want to be. sort of.

Unfortunately there is that part of me that has odd fantasies and those come out through my story as well.

Feel free to contact me via email regarding anything. If I have offended you, I can do very other than apologize and explain the reasons, or lack thereof, for why I did or write things.

I want to be part of the trans community and I do somewhat consider myself a part of it and I really hope not to offend many people.


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Sam was a normal boy. A loner for the most part, but he was fine with that. But what happens when one simple party spins his world on its head and puts him at the center of attention?
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