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Stories by Rubdoll
I always wanted to try sex as woman. Thanks to one company, i managed. So first bodysuit, first transformation, first sex
Rated: Explicit 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 7096 Words: 2317 Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Categories: Sci-Fi Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Adult (27-62 yrs)
Turned Into: Adult, Bimbo, Clothing, Prostitute, Stripper
Featured Items: Breast Forms, Corsets, Curlers, High Heels, Lingerie, Long Nails, Masks, Work Uniform
Locale: Labratory, Office
Body Modification: Extreme Breast Enlargement, Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Hair/Skin/Nail Change
Motivation for Change: Dared into It, Willing or Voluntary
Personality: Good to Bad
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Bisexual
Story Theme: Costume or Halloween, Medical Experiment
Type of Change: Body Suit
Warnings: Bondage/S&M
Series: None
Published: 01/21/20
Updated: 01/21/20
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