Queer stories about Queer people who just happen to be strong enough to throw a car.
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Being trans is hard but at least you can still share your body with a well-meaning alien who just wants to make you happy. It doesn't guarantee things will go well, but it might be worth a shot, and you might just meet a cute girl on the way.

Hope nobody takes over the world while you're at it.
Rated: Adult 9 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 7173 Words: 12777 Chapters: 10 Table of Contents
Categories: Sci-Fi Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Adult (27-62 yrs)
Turned Into: Alien
Story Theme: Comedy, Everyday Living, Horror, Romance
Type of Change: Fast/Instant Change
Warnings: Intense Violence
Series: None
Published: 01/08/20
Updated: 01/24/20
A planned date doesn't quite happen.
Rated: Kid-Friendly 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 1540 Words: 1226 Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: None
Motivation for Change: Accident
Story Theme: Comedy, Mind/Body Posession, Romance
Type of Change: Mind Control
Warnings: Death
Series: None
Published: 01/18/20
Updated: 01/18/20
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