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Stories by GuardianZen
Through diligence and determination, Zaria has made great strides to achieve all of her goals despite her young age. She's a novice wizard, and now, she's become a licensed adventurer with the guild Shimmerforce alongside her childhood best friend and her two ever-entertaining party members.

But she has yet to achieve her greatest desire: to live as a woman... as herself... as Zaria.

And now, one simple deal promises to change exactly that.

(Rated Adult for solely for strong language.)
Rated: Adult 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 5615 Words: 875 Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Teen (13-19 yrs), Male to Female, Young Adult (20-26 yrs)
Turned Into: Fantasy Character
Motivation for Change: Willing or Voluntary
Sexual Orientation: Does Not Change
Story Theme: Comedy, Coming of Age, Mythical Setting, Witchcraft
Type of Change: Slow/Gradual Change
Series: None
Published: 03/16/20
Updated: 04/04/20
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