Hi! I'm Vexen Fox, I write (vaguely erotic) stories about body swapping, possession, and mind control -- unusually with a scifi bent. I prefer light-hearted stuff that's just a litttttle bit naughty. ;)

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I do commissions for $0.04 a word (email, and love a good recommendation!
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Let somebody borrow my body? I’m not too sure…

Sarah had been pestering me all day to let her try out the Body Rentals device on me. Why she wanted to try out being the small mousy girl from biology, I had no idea, but the concept made me uncomfortable.

See, the thing is, when you’re wearing the receiver, whoever wears the helmet has complete control over your body - as if it were their own. Sarah would be able to feel, see, and hear everything I did, and she’d also be the one behind the controls. I would be just a passenger in my own body, unable to even blink by myself, just watching myself move until Sarah had the good graces to release me.

It actually was even worse than that. If she wanted, she’d be able to make me completely ‘black out’, cutting me off from any awareness of what my body was doing. In that case, I’d just wake up afterwards, having no idea what had transpired while she rode me. It gave me the shivers. I liked Sarah, but we hadn’t known each other all that long, and I didn’t trust her with something like that.

I reluctantly agreed, and quickly came to regret it, since it turned out Sarah wasn’t the only one to get her hands on that helmet...
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