I am so glad to be here. I have always loved science fiction and fantasy, especially that which deals with identity, mortality, and telepathy. I've always been fascinated by what someone else's experiences are like. One of my favorite authors is Jack Chalker. His book, Identity Matrix, especially. It may be a little exploitative, but it does deal with gender identity, social preconceptions, and the nature of consciousness.

Here I've found a community of people who have to live many of the challenges that were just abstract concepts to me. The people here and the stories they share have taught me so much about what it truly means to be human. The insight, the humor, the attitude, the love offered and woven throughout the site are the reason I am so thrilled to have been able to join, after many years of lurking, and become an author.

Thank you for your interest, please drop me a line anytime.
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Stories by Nyssa
Wolverine is a mystery, even to himself. But he is also a survivor. With the help of Professor X and Jean Grey he is learning to trust and, in the case of Jean Grey, to love. But what if everything that has helped him survive and cope is turned against him? How will the Wolverine survive when he can’t claw his way out or heal himself? Will rage devour him and lead him into the unending madness of a mindless, desperate wild creature, or is there another way - a way he could never have anticipated? A way that involves love and sex, but is not without peril.

Feral Saga Title Image

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There are unique chapter title images as well.

Rated: Explicit 22 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 35343 Words: 166667 Chapters: 22 Table of Contents
Categories: Sci-Fi Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Adult (27-62 yrs)
Turned Into: Twin
Featured Items: Sex Toys
Motivation for Change: Accident, Tricked
Personality: From Dominant to Submissive
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Bisexual
Story Type: Includes Images
Story Theme: Fan Fiction, Romance
Type of Change: Fast/Instant Change, Stuck
Warnings: Intense Violence, Non-Consentual Sex
Series: None
Published: 03/21/20
Updated: 06/08/20
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