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As my name indicates, I am a school teacher. I have taught every grade from 3rd through community college. In the upper grades and in college I taught mostly history, government, and Spanish. I am currently teaching English as a second language to children aged 8 to 14 in Central and South America via the internet.

I began writing while working at a museum and focused mainly on history and anthropology articles, with a few western short stories thrown in. I've had a couple of elementary school readers published as well as a couple of hundred pieces of what I call Sunday school material.

"The Visitor," a serialized abridgment of my novel "When Samaria Comes Calling"-- available as an ebook on inspired by the transgender students of varying ages I have come across over the years in various schools. The first rule of education is the same as that of medicine: "First, do no harm." I tried to show the love of Christ to these students and prayed that I did not cause them to stumble.
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Stories by School Belle
A 15-year old transgender runs away from a boys ranch for troubled teens in the middle of nowhere. He gets lost and almost dies. A very conservative religious family rescues him. The TG tries to adapt to the family, and the family tries to adapt to the TG.
Rated: Kid-Friendly 29 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star Completed Story Reads: 17630 Words: 98343 Chapters: 25 Table of Contents
Categories: Realistic Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Teen (13-19 yrs)
Locale: Family Household
Motivation for Change: Willing or Voluntary
Story Theme: Coming of Age, Everyday Living
Warnings: Politically Incorrect
Series: The Visitor
Published: 05/16/18
Updated: 08/13/18
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