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Stories by lypsservice
Despite odd dreams, life at the finishing school for young ladies goes on. Elsewhere, three thugs are about to mug the wrong person...
Rated: Kid-Friendly 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 4361 Words: 12663 Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
The boys of an exclusive academy are livid when they learn their soccer program has been cancelled by the principal's new assistant. They never could have guessed her ultimate plan. (Includes the short story Not Your Cup of Tea)
Rated: Kid-Friendly 4 Reviews starstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 12364 Words: 7461 Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Child (0-12 yrs)
Turned Into: Child
Featured Items: Petticoat, Lace, Ruffles, Crinoline
Locale: Girl's School, High School
Personality: Fights Change, From Dominant to Submissive, Loses Identity
Story Theme: Humiliation, Witchcraft
Type of Change: Age Regression, Fast/Instant Change, Hypnosis, Mind Control
Series: None
Published: 07/14/18
Updated: 07/14/18
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