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Stories by moomlucy
The story of a high school football player who has a very special health condition.
Rated: Adult 31 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 89774 Words: 23764 Chapters: 16 Table of Contents
Categories: Realistic Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Teen (13-19 yrs)
Turned Into: Daughter, Girlfriend
Locale: Formal Dance, High School
Personality: Fights Change
Sexual Orientation: Becomes Only Attracted to Men
Story Theme: Everyday Living, Romance
Type of Change: Drug-Induced, Hormonal
Series: None
Published: 01/26/19
Updated: 10/07/19
A 29-year old computer researcher, Lucas, is diagnosed with a very rare condition called PMDS. A twist of events changes his life considerably.
Rated: Adult 39 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Story Incomplete Reads: 178982 Words: 33597 Chapters: 17 Table of Contents
Categories: Sci-Fi Gender Change
Characters: Male to Female, Adult (27-62 yrs)
Turned Into: Bride, Daughter, Girlfriend, Mother, Secretary
Featured Items: Bridal Gown, High Heels, Pantyhose, Work Uniform
Locale: College, Family Household, Hospital or Clinic, Office
Motivation for Change: Forced, In Hiding, Tricked
Personality: Fights Change, From Dominant to Submissive
Sexual Orientation: Becomes Only Attracted to Men
Story Type: Includes Images
Story Theme: Everyday Living, Medical Experiment, Pregnancy
Type of Change: Drug-Induced, Hormonal, Slow/Gradual Change
Series: None
Published: 04/03/18
Updated: 02/18/19
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