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English is not my primary language, but I like to write some TG stories in English anyway, I hope you'll forgive me.
I'm definitely better at writing in my primary language, but the audience would be too small for this specific topic.
Every kind feedback is welcome, but I personally dislike aggressive ones, because I think that every writer that spends time in this community, in a totally disinterested way, makes a gift to that same community.

Have a nice day! :D
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Stories by LenioTG
George and Alice have been a couple for two years, and they're currently living together. George works as a programmer, while Alice is an artist. Alice is a smart weird gal, and one night she convinces George to fully open his heart, and to talk about his TG fantasy.
Rated: Adult 8 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Completed Story Reads: 90643 Words: 17547 Chapters: 28 Table of Contents
Dave and Serena have been together for quite some time now. They have anything they could desire to be happy.
However Serena can't be satisfied, and it doesn't matter how hard she tries: she's too shy, and every day is a challenge for her.
Dave loves her very much, and he may have found a solution.
Rated: Explicit 36 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Completed Story Reads: 161477 Words: 38222 Chapters: 28 Table of Contents
Neve discovers that her boyfriend, Thomas, has a secret kink for "Body Swap" stories: at first she's reluctant, but day after day she grows more and more curious: she decides, then, to give Thomas a unique gift.
The whole story is told from Neve's POV.
Rated: Deviant 22 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Story Incomplete Reads: 103832 Words: 14177 Chapters: 12 Table of Contents
Sylvia McBroom is a shy petite law student that needs her boyfriend (Michael Russell) help to take her life back on the right path, a path chosen by her wealthy father, Joseph McBroom, who is the founder of the well-known firm "McBroom & Lee".
Rated: Deviant 41 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 133807 Words: 31982 Chapters: 27 Table of Contents
David and his secret crush Jane have been friends for some years now. An Halloween costume party is coming, and they're struggling to find a nice costume, but Jane has an idea: why don't dress as each other? Since they're so different, it seems really difficult, but a friend of Jane is willing to help them.
Rated: Explicit 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Completed Story Reads: 190550 Words: 19018 Chapters: 21 Table of Contents
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