Kelly Lee Loves
fan of forced fem, I have found myself writing short stories and poems on the subject that I would be interested in living (and or) have had happened to me in some way.
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Stories by Kelly Lee Loves
young adults having a few drinks play truth or dare.. 3 girls & 3 guys then become 4 girls and 2 guys...
Rated: Explicit 0 Reviews Story Incomplete Reads: 12492 Words: 1495 Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Categories: Sissy Story
Characters: Male to Female, Teen (13-19 yrs)
Turned Into: Clothing, Maid, Sissy
Featured Items: Corsets, High Heels, Lingerie, Maid Uniform, Pantyhose
Locale: Family Household
Motivation for Change: Dared into It, Forced
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Bisexual
Story Type: Poem
Story Theme: Coming of Age, Humiliation
Type of Change: Changed by Clothing, Slow/Gradual Change
Warnings: Bondage/S&M
Series: None
Published: 04/29/19
Updated: 04/29/19
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