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Series by Cashmere Chloe
Several authors are contributing about a makeover contest. See how different people create stories from a common foundation. Or write one and join the fun.
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Dissolving Men is a set of four stories, each involving a gender-changing hormone powder – the fictitious “MF100.” While the powder and its effects are not quite credible given today’s drugs, they’re more of an exaggeration than outright fiction so I’d label the gender changes “realistic” rather than “science fiction.” Follow the young men through their journeys and their ups and downs as they discover the girls they were meant to be. There are a few villains here and you can be sure they’ll get what they deserve in the end. You’ll also find love and romance, maybe a little comedy, and some very unfortunate misunderstandings. The total series is 150 pages and it’s complete. I’m going to post the pages every few days and I hope you savor the wait as much as you enjoy the read. Once you get the idea of what MF100 can do, feel free to submit your own story to add to the series!
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