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Series by daringdave
Miss Venetia Barrington, Phd, chief preceptress of the Bridewell Academy for Special Young Ladies introduces various alumna from the Academy
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Parent Series: None
Categories: Sissy Story
Characters: Male to Female, Young Adult (20-26 yrs)
Turned Into: Adult, Clothing, Daughter, Girlfriend, Sissy, Teenager, Wife
Featured Items: Bikinis, Bridal Gown, Chastity Belt, High Heels, Lingerie, Long Nails, Pantyhose, Petticoat, Lace, Ruffles, Crinoline, School Uniform, Sex Toys, Undies
Locale: Girl's School
Body Modification: None
Motivation for Change: Willing or Voluntary
Personality: None
Sexual Orientation: Changes to be Attracted Only to Men
Story Type: None
Story Theme: Beauty/Fashion, Everyday Living
Type of Change: Changed by Clothing, Cultural
Warnings: Bodily Functions
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