Ovid Lemma
Hi! My name is Ovid Lemma and, while I've been writing fiction for years, I've only recently become confident enough in my writing to start posting for public consumption. I like to write magic and science fiction stories with character-driven plots. I explore both physical and psychological transformation and am open to commissions, as well.
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Series by Ovid Lemma
In a multiverse ravaged by a destructive, universe-destabilizing catastrophe, secret agents and covert organizations work to alter reality - some of them to make the universe more stable and some for their own selfish ends. In a world where reality can be edited for good or for ill, it's up to the Ministry of Reality Enforcement (the MORE) to prevent catastrophe... but are they really the good guys? The stories in this series focus around characters affected by or charged with preventing duplicitous changes to worlds like our own.
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Stories centering around the witches of St. Circe's, especially one Natalie Bryce, and her friends, colleagues, and nemeses... if you'd like to add your own story, ask!
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