Series: the Etz Chaim universe by gothicshark

This is a Project I have been working on as a DM since the 90's during AD&D days. Etz Chaim is based on the idea what if this universe had Magic, as a DM I never liked the cosmology of D&D, so I made my own based on our reality. Then I figured out how to have Magic and Science work in a World. rnrnThe Etz Chaim universe is really a Multi-verse that contains our reality, and the Main Story world, the World of Dragons. rnrnThe Name Etz Chaim means Tree of Life in Ancient Dragon and Hebrew in our reality. Unlike other fictions, the Magical language of this world is not pseudo-Latin, but pseudo-Hebrew, as I prefer to use my own ancestry. rnrn
Categories: Magical Gender Change
Characters: None
Turned Into: Fantasy Character
Featured Items: None
Locale: Road Trip
Body Modification: None
Motivation for Change: Unknown, Willing or Voluntary
Personality: None
Sexual Orientation: Does Not Change
Story Type: Includes Images
Story Theme: Fan Fiction, Mythical Setting
Type of Change: None
Warnings: None
Parent Series: None
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