TG Storytime was founded to provide a modern, feature-rich environment for all the talented transgender writers out there. Following in the tradition of the Sierra Connection BBS, Sapphire's Place, Michelle's Mid-Day Break, TSA-Talk, Fictionmania (.com & .tv), Storysite, Big Closet and many others that have provided this service over the years, TG Storytime hopes to join this long list of places to share TG stories. Our sole mission is provide the best service and best environment possible for our readers and authors.

TG Storytime was built by Joe Six-Pack, TG author and user of many TG fiction sites over the years. Joe also operates a for-pay publishing business, but this site is separate from that endeavor. The intent is to make a modern, full-featured site and provide a nice home for authors and readers.

"I've used TG sites from the days of dial-up to today," Joe says, "And I always thought about what I'd do if I could make my own site. Like lightning, seventeen years later, here it is."

The money paying for the site comes from Joe's publishing business. He also is the administrator of TG Storytime. As time goes on, every effort will be made to share control of the site with trusted and capable people who want to carry on maintaining the site. Ads and donations may be used in the future to cover costs. These decisions will be made in time.

This site is not meant to substitute for any other TG fiction site currently running. It's just another flavor and we encourage all authors to submit their works to all available sites for everyone to read. The more the merrier.

On the tech side, TG Storytime uses the eFiction software developed for internet FanFiction sites, and uses the Vanilla Forums software for the discussions. Both are open-source and run PHP and MySQL. CSS styling was done by Joe Six-Pack, with some PHP coding as well. The eFiction skin was based on "E-ZFiction" by kali, and the Vanilla theme was based on "EmbedFriendly." The site is hosted in Texas, and was built on a Mac.
TG Storytime uses the eFiction engine and Vanilla discussions. Design by J6P.