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Reviewer: kandijayne Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/19/14 04:10 pm Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

A delicious excursion into 'alternate universe' territory. This is brilliantly well written, and you say just enough for us to work out what is happening. Work out for ourselves, that's the point; you don't tell us. This is excellent and enjoyable.

Reviewer: Snarfles Signed Report
Date: 05/14/13 10:43 pm Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

After reading the other reviews, and your responses to them, I was surprised to learn you aren't TG yourself. I can offer my personal insights and such, if you have desire to receive them, to possibly provide grist for your mill.

Author's Response: I welcome all correspondence. Doesn't matter whether it's about writing, tg issues, current affairs or football, exchanging views is always healthy. May I also say that it would be a pleasure to hear from someone capable of coming up with such a brilliant username. I know it's bad manners to use one site to advertise another, but I blog fairly regularly on Big Closet. They're all lovely people, and they've taught me a hell of a lot. When to keep my mouth shut is a lesson I still haven't fully learned, though.

Reviewer: Snarfles Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/14/13 10:38 pm Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

So much more to be said with this tale. You have Snarfles attention. Where will you take us next?

Author's Response: First of all she has to get the groceries in. Then I might take her to London, have fun with the River Fleet, continental ferries leaving from Tower Bridge landing stage, that sort of thing.

Reviewer: truefan Signed Report
Date: 05/13/13 08:56 pm Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

thats a shame. i injoyed that on alot and liked where it was going. i guess these things happen.

Author's Response: Don't expect too much from people who a) aren't writing for money and b) aren't tg It's bloody hard, writing about something you've never experienced, and are never likely to. There's always the chance that you'll over-reach yourself, which is what I did with Peter Stokes. The first two chapters were a joy to write, then I hit a wall. It very nearly made me give up the genre altogether.

Reviewer: Zsuzsi Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/13/13 05:45 pm Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

Oooh! Promising start!

Reviewer: truefan Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/13/13 02:43 am Title: The Uncertainty Principle: Episode 1

i look forword to reading this but what happened to goodbye mr stokes? it was just getting real good. dont leave us hanging!

Author's Response: What happened was that the chapters were taking longer and longer to draft. I'd envisaged this story as a bit of a romp, but it went in an entirely different direction. In the end I couldn't find a way to maintain the reader's interest and at the same time keep Peter's character credible. I had to take a break from it, because in my opinion the work I was producing simply wasn't good enough. That doesn't mean I won't ressurect the story one day.

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