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Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 08/29/20 06:24 am Title: Sunrise

Thank you for the reply-
I do know and understand that loneliness makes all things worse.

Many people on these sites are here out of boredom,
looking for excitement.

Yet there are those who are here who are trying to understand who they are.

I certainly encourage you to continue to express yourself on behalf of those who cannot
in order that they may vicariously experience your feelings
and perhaps alleviate some of their angst...
knowing that they are not alone.

Most people cannot really distinguish the differences between gender and sexuality-
there are also those who assume that if you are thus then you are also that
and therefore you must automatically affiliate with “them”.

I’m a nonconformist on many levels and I’m certainly not going to climb into anyone’s imaginary box!

there are many who are new to all this and it can be VERY confusing to hear so many new voices.

I do appreciate you and I encourage you to continue to voice and express yourself
that others may also feel your experience so that they may also better understand their own.


Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 08/27/20 02:59 pm Title: Sunrise

I thought that your story was well told,
above average for the site.

Your character had more depth and realism than many of those on here-
I’m sure there are many more that would empathize if they would give this a reading.

The quality of your writing is not determined by how many people read it,though-
if you are satisfied that you have expressed yourself than you may have pleased your greatest critic.

I know that is true for many of us.

Don’t give up on Kiki-
try another telling and take a different approach on your description.

A questioning approach that appeals to curiosity may be a good experiment for you both.

I do think that what you have to share is good for you and others-
if you feel better and even just a few others have had their burdens alleviated,
even if only for awhile,
than Kiki is winning.

Write in order that Life may flow through you that Hope may prevail.

Some writings are in order that grief and despair be alleviated in order that we may not be overwhelmed but I believe better things for you and Kiki.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words, they mean more than I can say. While I don't consider myself a particularly good writer I think realism is important, especially when talking about trans/cross-dressing lives, and each character is essentially a piece of yourself. Not to poo poo fantasy, but yeah, this is definitely catharsis. When browsing the web for TG fiction I was saddened by the lack of works that mirrored a real transitioning story, works that described me, or turned me on. If my stories aren't for everyone that's fine, I only hope that if I can inspire someone else to tell of their own experiences they will be similarly unburdened, and help someone else in turn realise perhaps they're not alone. d84;

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