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Reviewer: djm3sho Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/21/20 12:29 pm Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue and End Notes

I've loved following this story. It spoke to the strength and majesty of the human heart!

Reviewer: baq17 Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/16/20 05:27 am Title: Chapter One Hazing

Hi hi!
I’m only about a quarter of the way through your story, but boy (lol), does this bring me back to about a year ago, the last time I dressed up in drag. There’s something about wearing women’s clothing that’s so alluring, so thrilling that I miss doing it when I was in college, and regret not doing it all four years instead of just senior year. Brooke (the name I’ve given my inner woman) has always been private to me, but I wish (like Mike/Gina) I could let her out, if even for a week, to live as a real woman. Great start, looking forward to reading more!

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/14/20 07:49 pm Title: Chapter 17 Epilogue and End Notes

I really enjoyed this story, I also enjoyed the other one with Beth , I didn’t start reading it unit yesterday. Your an awesome writer, thank you for sharing with us.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for reading and for your kind comments. It was my pleasure to share my stories. Working on some other ones. Megan

Reviewer: Amanda Lynn Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/14/20 05:24 pm Title: Chapter One Hazing

Thank you for your epilogue at the end, it was wonderful and I agree with everything.
Looking forward to reading another story if you write another one.

Author's Response: Thank you again for reading and for you kind words. I am working on a couple of stories right now. I am always open to ideas. Megan

Reviewer: Amanda Lynn Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/09/20 11:43 pm Title: Chapter One Hazing

Oh wow! Bringing in your last story to help out Gina! This is great!

Reviewer: Amanda Lynn Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/05/20 10:55 pm Title: Chapter One Hazing

I am loving your new story and hope you keep on writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and commenting. I m glad that you are enjoying the story

Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 08/05/20 06:17 am Title: Chapter One Hazing

Write On!

Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 08/02/20 06:46 pm Title: Chapter One Hazing


Your writing is improving.

I do appreciate your efforts to express yourself and better understand your sibling...
without rivalry.

(just in case you didn’t know)
there was a big uproar on this site about someone
(apparently Chinese,who also was not exactly proficient in English)
that was writing stories that offended a bunch of people who then challenged and aggressively criticized the site administrator.

many of them left in protest to post elsewhere.

The reason that I am summarizing this is so that you can better understand some of the reactions to your stories.

Your tales are rather unique here on this site
in that they are angelic and miraculous.

Some readers get upset about that for various reasons
(which is what I am getting at)
yet they don’t bat an eye about the many stories featuring
demons and black magic...

back to better understanding your potential audience,
there are actually 2 major groupings of regular readers here(as well as many subgroups).

There are those that prefer to identify full or part-time as their actual self
or “other” gender
(depending on who you are discussing it with)
whilst there are others that just read the stories as a sexual fetish.

Of those here that are TG to one extent,expression or another,
not all of them are willing or able to go all the way with their alternate,other or true self
(depending on who you’re considering).

Here’s the thing-
there are all kinds of people in this world that struggle with their external being (their flesh)
for all kinds of reasons and it isn’t always gender.

In fact,I’d say that while gender is perhaps the biggest single source of grief&frustration it is still not larger than all of the the rest of the other factors combined,
such as weight,race,hair,structure,eyes,ears,etc.

For some people in some parts of the world,
simple surgeries can correct some of these other aspects of frustration and irritation
but many people worldwide have no access to such assistance.

Back to gender,
when people correct something that they themselves see
as somewhat of a birth defect,
would it be better instead if gender conflicted people just kill themselves,
either immediately or through self-destructive practices,
such as drug/alcohol abuse,etc.?

That’s not very merciful or compassionate,is it?

Is God big enough to show mercy to ALL...
or not?

we are all just individual souls regardless of this mortal flesh that we wear
that is so very temporary.

I’m simply sharing these things with you since you have mentioned that you started writing here to better understand your family member.

Some of the people on here can and will relate to your stories-
others are just looking to argue with anyone,including God,
simply because they are lonely,angry and frustrated.

For many of us on here,
it isn’t even really a sexual thing,per se.

A lot of those who are on HRT will often become very conflicted and depressed-
most anatomically male people will no longer be able to experience sexual arousal and climax
and a lack of testosterone is often related to depression for various reasons,
which varies from case to case-
this is in the larger general area of depression and is aside from the aspect of gender identity
that we are considering here.

Moving on with that a bit,
a lot of people,regardless of their anatomical categorization,
don’t respond well to HRT.

This is typically and obviously very devastating to them.

Not much is available to help these people-
on top of that,
they continue to face harassment,discouragement and general vexation by others.

Often,these are those that really just want to be the “other” gender and really would
rejoice to be that that even if it meant that they would never be intimate with anyone again.

again,there are many kinds of people here in this community and not just on this site.

Here on this site you will come across all aspects of the spectrum.

it is certainly not a cookie-cutter sort of realm.

whenever someone is miserable with themselves for whatever reason and struggles alone,
without hope,
they are in a very dangerous place.

Those are the people that I have the most sympathy for.

To give tolerance is not the same as giving approval-
if people don’t like someone or something that they really don’t understand,
must they go out of their way to attack someone who really isn’t even a threat to them?

I really don’t think that many people realize who just how close to the edge
that some of those around them are.

I try to interact with people on a person-by-person approach.

I think that it is a mistake to just box people up with some big group identity.

In contrast,
many people today obviously still feel compelled to join groups to go attack strangers online
or in public but surely that is not Christ.

It really can’t be considered “politically correct”,either,
even though many of the people in those sorts of groups suffer from
similar (although superficially opposed)
self-righteous (yet misguided) indignation.

I’m a Black Sheep-
I always have been and I suppose will be throughout the rest of my time here.

Maybe someday God will make other arrangements...
until then...

I hope so.

I’m a non-conformist-
I do not easily join the causes or crusades of others.

I try to extend sympathy and empathy to others where I can while acknowledging our differences
and avoiding pointless arguments that solve nothing as both sides just become deaf and angry.

Easier said than done,
I know.

I was just sharing some of these notions at random because I wanted to encourage you in this-
that better understanding someone does not mean that you must agree with them
or understand them in order to change them...

Many people just need someone to hear them out-
They’re just lonely and confused and they need a Friend.

Thank You!

Your stories remind me somewhat of the TV show Highway to Heaven-
If you do write another one,
perhaps Thomas might take your two main humans with them somewhere
to reach out to someone,somehow.

Just a thought.

Author's Response: Griffin thank you for reading and commenting on my story. I understand that there are some who will not like, what I write and thatís ok. I know that there have many who have made positive comments on my stories, and I write for their enjoyment.

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