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Date: 06/29/20 01:49 pm Title: Chapter 1 - Remembrance

I don't know. It's a bit confusing, hard to see whats happening. I don't know if that was the point or not (I can see madness is part of the story) but its a bit inconsistent with nothing to ground it. It advances like we know whats happening even when its not explained properly whats happening . It adds characters that feel odd. I know its hard to portray in words whats in your head but thats what makes a good author. Good idea though i like it (what i understood at least).

Author's Response: Your complaints--the ambiguity and surreality of the story--are not only intentional, they're really the point. The plot follows an unconventional structure and narrative flow in which its revelations, provided as clues or bread crumbs, exist to slowly explain the overarching tale. Indeed, Dalara's journey is exactly that--part mystery, part fever dream, part nightmare that requires some contemplation to deduce its finer details and overall order of events. I'd be disappointed if you hadn't been a little confused on your first reading; no mystery is meant to be completely understood without some thought and hindsight! And yes, this is a man's descent into arcane madness--a holy warrior becoming and succumbing to what he swore to destroy. A light-hating succubus whose hunger is more than a would-be man could ever control. And why it's only when the sun is up that the warrior regains some sense of his former self.

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