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Reviewer: Rain1a Signed Report
Date: 11/01/16 09:37 pm Title: Part 1

Oh, I accidentally came upon these, and they're almost my favorite stories on this site. I'm in love :P.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Yuna Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star Report
Date: 09/01/13 08:59 pm Title: Part 1

After reading the 2 prequels, I was eager to know the end.
And I wasn't disapointed.

You took a great deal to make a profund and coherent plot and it is showing in the story.


Reviewer: Lil Papi Signed Report
Date: 12/30/12 05:35 pm Title: Part 1

This was an amazing story, and I sincerely enjoyed reading it. I made an account just to review it, good job, and keep up the amazing work.

Reviewer: jeffusually Signed Report
Date: 12/06/12 06:06 pm Title: Part 1

Terrific story. I very much enjoyed reading this story and its 2 predecessors. You obviously put a lot of work into weaving the various plot elements into a coherent whole.

I must say that I didn't understand using 3 real people in a fictional setting. I had the feeling that there's an explanation out there in the literary world that I'm unaware of. You could have had the villain's role without naming him after a real person, and the other 2 characters were minor.

I would very much liked to have seen what happened when Odin met the Sons of Odin.

Those 2 quibbles aside, you put together a wonderful story that was fun to read. I checked the site daily hoping you had posted another chapter. Looking forward to your next story.

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