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Date: 04/27/20 09:47 pm Title: Prom Proper

Oh, prom. That magical night in a young man's life, attending a dance like no other, by himself, his few friends off with their date, spending four hours pacing the periphery of the dance floor because he's too timid to ask anyone to dance, all because his parents made him go because they didn't want him to "miss out on the memories." Really, who can forget it?

All of which is to say, this is an adorable little story, and I'm very glad Samantha had a better prom night than I did :-P I'm kind of surprised how...unfazed everyone was by her transformation, though. Is this something that happens at this school regularly?

(And don't feel too bad, for me, either, I was just a late bloomer: 11 years later, at my wedding, I got to spend all night dancing with the woman I love most in the world, and wore a royal blue halter-top gown with gold trim that I'd had custom-made for the occasion. It was awesome.)

Author's Response: Thank you for the comment/review (whatever you wanna call it >.>) It was a fun little story to write. Also, I'm glad to hear you were able to have your own special day. Beeeyond that... yeah... with magic and all, only so much folk can do haha. A lot of these stories I'm writing with a word limit in mind though, so that's usually why a few things aren't always expanded on. Luckily with magic the reader can chop it up to hijinks! I mean... what?! No it was clearly all planned, yes, yes, hm, the author truly must have had some deep meaning to it...

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