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Reviewer: redactedthegreat Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 06/08/20 01:59 pm Title: Sarah tries out my body.

Very nice writing style. This chapter in particular has great flow to it. Something about Sarah not being aware of the pain makes it extra interesting.

Reviewer: four Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 05/14/20 04:38 pm Title: Sarah tries out my body.

Your story is interesting, I both like it and at the same time I am extremely upset by it. I don't think the main character is a bad person yet it seems like her brother and possibly others are abusing / more or less raping her over and over and that's upsetting. I hope she gets revenge also the black outs while a interesting plot device we are getting less then half the story it feels. I am interested in seeing where you take this, hope you don't mind my critism but I do enjoy the story

Author's Response: I do agree, this is a fantasy I have that would certainly be immoral to do to somebody else, and should never happen in the real world. You can almost read this as being in a fantasy universe where people aren't affected by stuff like as much as we are. It's the first writing I did (I'm several stories behind on here), and I realised it was a bit uncomfortable to read back, so the future stuff is a bit more explicit with the characters choosing to put themselves in these situations at the start, and enjoying what happens outside of their control after. I'll make sure she gets revenge in the end, too. Sorry to make you upset!

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