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Reviewer: SugarCube Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/04/19 06:49 pm Title: Back to School

This was a very cute story, I'm sad to see it end so soon but I'm glad I got to read it.

Reviewer: Rushica Signed Report
Date: 12/02/19 12:46 am Title: A Happy Accident?

I remember reading this a while ago. Is this a repost after a delete or did you have this posted somewhere else before? Still enjoy it.

Author's Response: This is a repost, lightly edited to (hopefully) improve flow.

Reviewer: Taxouck Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/02/19 12:32 am Title: A Happy Accident?

Oh that’s very cute. I’m a bit confused by the overwhelming support Nicole is getting for her appearance from her parents, yet at the same time their takes on other issues are still very lacking in progressiveness? (eg mom assuming Nicole is straight? Though maybe it’s less assuming and more referring to Nicole expressing interest in boys before the story started, which then could use some clarifying)
Mostly I have one question - is her catgirlness a metaphor for a disability or neurodivergence? If so that makes it doubly odd that her parents are super cool with disability but still weirdly heteronormative, like if social issues had progressed only in that one specific aspect (well, with magic to take care of it, maybe I’m actually just reading the situation correctly and in this case this is just clever world building).
Looking forward to Nicole enjoying her new self more fully over time~ I know I would’ve loved it from the start myself hehehe

Author's Response: To be honest, I wrote this years ago and had no particular strong message or theme in mind other than making a cute protagonist. I can understand how disability/neurodivergence can come into play due to the vagueness with which I've treated the topic of accidental transformations. With hindsight, I could definitely point to Nikki's situation leaning more toward neurodivergence due to the transformation being an unambiguous physical improvement whereas her feline instincts will remain a source of confusion and frustration. Regarding the topic of sexuality, Nikki has always been exclusively attracted to boys.

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