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Reviewer: Elron Signed Report
Date: 10/15/19 07:05 am Title: Chapter 1

OOPArt, also known as Out-Of-Place Artifact. As you know there are many OOPArts that have been discovered and documented throughout the world, but there are still some that have yet to be discovered. The most famous OOPArts that have yet to be discovered are the infamous Genie Lamp and the Medallion of Zulo; although there are many incidents and cases supposedly involving these artifacts.

However, the story I will tell is not based on these artifacts but a new one. It is called the Coin of Fate. How does it work? Well let me tell you the story of the first user of the fabled artifact. Wait, what? Who am I? I'm just your standard storyteller who also happens to be an avid collector of trinkets.


One sunny Monday morning, I had just awakened and was doing my usual morning routine, which is shower and coffee. My name is Alex, Alex Maxwell. While I was preparing to go to work, I realized that today is the anniversary of my friend’s and my employment with the company. We had promised to have lunch together, while discussing what we have done during the previous year and where our future lies.

I usually walk down the road to the bus stop as I prefer to save money for my future. Along the way, I saw an old man by the street selling various handmade trinkets and I took a quick glance at them. I suddenly became quite interested in one of the trinkets. It seemed different from all the others. Basically, it was a trinket in the shape of a coin.

The old man noticed my interest and said, "Well my boy, I sense that 'Fate' has something to do for you." I just ignored his words trying not to give attention to him, as I did not understand anything about this Fate.

Then he suddenly said, "This old man really does pity you for having such a boring life, doing the same thing over and over every day.” At that moment, he caught my attention. I do admit that my life is quite boring and dull right now, nothing interesting has happened to me lately. I'm stuck doing the same job every day with no hope of promotion within the company.

I nodded while saying, "Yes" to him. He replied, "You should try to find new and interesting things to do while you're still young and energetic. And for that to happen, I'm willing to give this coin to you in order to find what the 'other' side has to offer. It may be interesting.

I just nodded confused at what the 'other’ side has to offer meant. Is it my fortune or fame? People always say the 'grass is greener on the other side'. I said to him, "Yes, I will take the coin; but how should I use it and what is the payment for it?

He said while handing the coin to me, "You will know sooner or later how to use the coin and as for the payment, none is due. If you should find satisfaction with your newfound interesting life, just toss the coin anywhere and Fate will find the way.” I accepted his coin as I thanked him. I really did not know who or what this Fate was, but I hoped that this Fate would lead me to an interesting life.

After I parted ways with the old man and climbed onto the bus, I looked at the coin. One side had the number one on it and on the other side had a figure of a woman holding a thread. While pondering about it on the bus, I arrived at my office building and continued my boring and dull life in front of the computer in my cubicle.

The aforementioned time finally arrived. It is now our lunch break. The period that my friends and I have waited for. Across from the office building we sat outside the cafe where we had our first lunch during our first day at the company. On my left is a handsome, sleek young man named Fred, his position in the company is really high as he is the Vice-General Manager. On my right is a beautiful, angelic woman named Jessica. Her position is also quite high since she is the secretary of the company CEO. And lastly is me, a mid-level programmer, not quite as high as my colleagues.

As we ordered our food and exchanged talk about ourselves, Fred suddenly started the topic that he may get promoted to the position of General Manager. Jessica and I are happy about it, but Fred’s mood seems down and sad.

Jessica asked, “Why are you so glum? Is there anything that you want to share with us?” Fred replied with, "There are also other candidates that may get chosen to be the GM and I have to compete with them.”

I just replied to him, "Well in your previous position, you really did climb up the ladder quite fast and easy but what about now?”

Fred said that the CEO wanted to host a corporate gathering this weekend in order to get to know and evaluate each of the candidates better. I replied back with, "Well why don't you go, it's just a gathering. It's not like you need to bring someone else." He looked at me and nodded.

Jessica said, "Just bring your partner Fred. Didn't you have a girlfriend or a crush? Or just invite your secretary, Linda. She seems your type.”

Fred replied, "Well the thing is I do not have a girlfriend or crush as I'm really busy with my work; and as for Linda she took a week off to take care for her mom.”

"Well that's a bummer," I replied. "Why don't you invite Jessica as your partner, she could help you?"

Jessica strongly said, "No, I can't. You are all my friends and I don't want that to change.”

"OUCH, you just got friend zoned, haha," I replied.

Fred, still in a desperate mood said to us, "Someone please help me I will do anything to get that GM position. Alex, I will give you a position beside me if I get chosen as GM and for Jessica, anything you want.”

WOW, he really is desperate. Suddenly, Jessica had an idea while looking at me and said, "You know what, Alex, you do not have a girlfriend, right? And your body is really thin and slim just like girl.”

I replied, "Thanks for the jab, but what is your point?” Jessica said, "You can pretend to be Fred’s partner for the gathering while wearing girl’s clothes and everything.”

At that moment Fred and I were shocked at what Jessica had said. While Fred was still speechless, I replied, "No way I'm gonna wear girl’s clothes or anything related. I'm a guy you know.”

Jessica said, "I know you're a guy but try to help our poor friend Fred. He really needs this promotion. If he gets the position, he can give you the promotion that you want. I really pity you as I see you doing the same job every day. It really is boring. Try to have a fun and interesting life."

At that moment, I suddenly remembered the coin I bought from the old man that bragged about an interesting life and Fate. I took the coin out of my pocket to show my friend. I said, "I will flip this coin, if it ends up on the side that has the number one, I will not agree to the plan. If it ends up on the side with woman figure, I will agree to the plan and let Fred decide what kind of partner he wants.” Then I flipped the coin while saying, "Let Fate decide it."

Reviewer: Elron Signed Report
Date: 10/15/19 06:58 am Title: Chapter 1

MaximStar, as I read through your story I realized there were a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I rewrote the first chapter for you, if you want it. Elron.

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