Reviews For Bound to the Night
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Reviewer: Day Dreamer Signed Report
Date: 10/13/19 02:48 am Title: She's a Bloody Hero...Kinda

A fun halloween-time story, although kind of violent for my tastes, but I still enjoyed it through to the end. Not easy to see people acting so evil, but fun when they get their just rewards. I expect there might be some/more TG in later chapters?

Author's Response: Later chapters (probably chapter 3 or 4 depending on how it pans out) will see the introduction of the TG element of the story. I wanted to start at a later part and show Elizabeth (the MC) as she is without all the troubles that she deals with within the main body of the book. I wanted everyone to get to know Elizabeth the Badass and give Elizabeth the young vampire a trajectory. I will say the hyper-violence will not be a one-off gimmick. Though this is a romance, it is a romance between two vampires and not the stalker, sparkles-in-the-sun kind.

Reviewer: Kepli Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/29/19 12:19 pm Title: She's a Bloody Hero...Kinda

i love it.......... its a bit gory but i really like it

Author's Response: This is sure to be a fun ride. There will be a lot of fun romance ahead, but always remember that Vampires, even though they look human, are monsters. They live and love, but they also have needs, so there will be a fair bit of this type of violence throughout the book, though that won't be the focus.

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