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Reviewer: the Morrigan Signed starstarstar Report
Date: 10/24/19 05:20 am Title: Chapter 4: Feminine Touches

Okay, so I still like this story, but nothing new has really happened in the last two chapters. I mean ... Luke ... did what? Met a few people who will probably have a significant impact on his/her life eventually, took a shower and got a haircut? These are neither earthshaking physical changes nor ANY kind of mental change. If Luke/Lucy had had a chance to resist at all, these last couple of changes might have been interesting. But as it is, these new chapters have been boring.

Reviewer: the Morrigan Signed Report
Date: 10/06/19 05:15 am Title: Chapter 2: Mr. Edward Barnes

Hey, are we ever going to get any more of this?

Author's Response: Apologies. I have been pretty busy with things and also fleshing out some ideas for alternate stories. I have just uploaded chapters 3 and 4 for this story, with chapter 5 not too far away

Reviewer: Sanro Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/27/19 11:15 pm Title: Chapter 2: Mr. Edward Barnes

Good start for a story and it's very interesting so keep going.

Author's Response: Thank you, there is more to come!

Reviewer: the Morrigan Signed Report
Date: 04/27/19 02:21 pm Title: Chapter 2: Mr. Edward Barnes

I hate reviewing stories that are so incomplete; you take such a huge chance that the story is going to suddenly turn to shit or be abandoned by it's author. But this is such a well written, action filled, HOT sissification story that I felt the need to encourage the author to continue posting. This is great stuff, Josster. Keep it up.

I would love to see more of Luke/Lucy's kidnappers and, eventually, Lucy interacting with people other than Edward and whatever guards or servants he keeps around the house (it's obvious he's wealthy; one does not arrange a kidnapping if one is pinching pennies). I also hope, even though medications are not mentioned in the "Type of Change" category, that Edward is wise enough to start Lucy on HRT, and that fairly quickly. That'd soften up some of those surfer's muscles, give her some boobs, and just maybe make her impotent, which would allow Edward to, as a special reward for extra-good behavior, free her sissy clitty once in a while.

Yeah, I'm an evil bastard. Anyway, I love the story and please please PLEASE keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the lengthy review, kind words and suggestions! As someone who is very new to writing, your comments are very encouraging, and are motivating to take this further than I had originally intended and see how much I can flesh out the story and characters. You will definitely be seeing more of Luke's handlers, kidnappers etc. (You are correct, Edward is quite wealthy). I didn't have too much intention of introducing any sort of physical modification in the short term. I personally am a big fan of the 'artificial/manafactured woman' look when it comes to forced feminization and sissies. But this story is still very open, so if I like something and it makes sense to the story, then I'll include it. So something like HRT is still a very real possibility. Glad you like it so far :)

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