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Reviewer: Fiona Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/15/19 09:18 pm Title: Chapter 1


Reviewer: Lilchelly Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/19 10:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

ROFG I love that manga, I knew when I was reading this exactly which one it was too. It's pretty great, also loving this so far too thank you!

Author's Response: It's a great manga! I was very unsurprised to see it was by the same author as Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare which also has an amazing gender bending premise I'd love to see reinterpreted in a queer(er) way :p

Reviewer: NicoR0bin Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/03/19 03:44 pm Title: Chapter 2

Did you accidentally copy paste the chapter twice or something

Author's Response: I concede thatís the most likely explanation, but it still feels off. Anyway, never upload while sleepy I guess...

Reviewer: Calipso Signed Report
Date: 03/03/19 02:26 pm Title: Chapter 2

Is the chapter supposed to repeat itself? Im sorry if I missed something that changed to cause it to go all groundhog day.

Author's Response: Holy crap. No, not intentional. Thanks.

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