Reviews For My First Panties
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Reviewer: DerbyGhost Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/27/19 11:25 am Title: Chapter 2

Haha woops I'm coming out to my boss today.
Woops. Ha. Haha. Ha. Ha. Wow this chapter was hard to read. But really well done to the point where by the time I realized it was a Trainwreck of a day for Bethany it was already too late. Poor girl...
I was going to say "ooh ooh one of the first trans women I talked to about gender works at a casino" but ... I don't know if that response is really appropriate by the end of the chapter. Again really really well done.

Reviewer: DerbyGhost Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/27/19 11:01 am Title: Chapter 1

This is probably one of the most important stories on this site. I'm one chapter in but wow this is hitting the feelings hard.

Reviewer: ForeverEgg Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/21/19 04:23 pm Title: Chapter 1

Very sweet. Very... Visceral. The anecdote about the brushing teeth thing kinda slapped me in the face because that's something I've been picking back up on very recently.

Its kinda interesting that the doctor says "first step." I mostly want to argue against that because i havent even seen an endocrinologist yet but i feel like im several steps along the way... I dont like to think about some hypothetical starting line that is just getting pushed farther and farther away because my personal progress feels a lot more significant if i put the starting like 6 months behind me where it belongs.

I feel like i should feel encouraged by this story but it kinda scares me honestly. These are a lot of experiences i never wanted to have and still dont want to have and seeing them portrayed so plainly makes me feel bad about them... That's more my fault for getting myself into this though.

Author's Response: I think the real first step is just... coming out to yourself, thinking on it. Letting yourself leave the shell. I probably should have thought about that more before posting - but I'm not going to change it, because calling medical transition a first step is a very cis lady thing to do, in my opinion, and something she definitely would have done. A lot of this story is going to be scary, and hard. It's... really hard to write, to be honest. But. I'm hoping to also capture some of the euphoria and joy that is coming out, and being yourself. I want to express how WORTH IT IT IS, but also how much there is you have to go through - because being scared of all this is honestly a big part of what kept me in my shell for so long, and. Well. I think it's good for me to write about the real experience, at least once.

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