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Reviewer: Sherlykaru Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/07/18 08:59 pm Title: The Copy

Ok so far it looks good as a standalone story, if you were to add more chapters would mean the story would have to go quite complex and it will depend on how long you want it to be, it has room for so much growth but again, that's if you wanted to make it possible. Other than that, it was a good story ^^

Author's Response: Thank ya! :D

I was thinking of a complex continuation, but like I said, I wouldn't be touching this story again until I finish my other works. As for how long it would be... oh God. Trying to end a story has been really difficult for me. XD

Thanks again for giving me your input! I think it is safe to say that this story should be considered Complete. If I finish everything I've worked on and really feel the desire to come back to this, I'll just uncheck the Complete box and continue. :)

Reviewer: Faye Kistry Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/07/18 01:21 pm Title: The Copy

I’m not sure it NEEDS to go anywhere. The story’s in the premise in this case, and it stands well enough on it’s own. Nice work:

Author's Response: Okay! I'm glad its good by itself. :)

After today and into tomorrow, I'll do another look and see how others think before I decide to make this a completed work. ;)

Thank you very much. And thank you for giving this story a read and responding to my question. :D

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 11/07/18 08:44 am Title: The Copy

I don't really see this going anywhere since the premise is a bit too complex. Try slimming it down a bit.

Author's Response: lol, I'll see what can be trimmed. ;)

Thank ya for giving the story a read and me an answer. :D

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