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Reviewer: MtfMetalhead Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/06/20 05:18 am Title: Reprogrammed: A Glimpse into the Future

A interesting take on what the future could bring if humans survive that long lol. Alas I enjoyed this story.

Reviewer: Pablo Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/11/18 06:55 pm Title: Reprogrammed: A Glimpse into the Future

I liked it. Was there no way to integrate any of the pictures from the other site to here? Even if the job would have been a bit crude, it might not have been a total waste. Oh well. As for the story, it was just what it was, a gender change description. You were right. There really was no plot, no conflict. This is what the late Scott Meredith (of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency in New York City) used to warn would-be-published-writers to avoid when attempting to sell a story: the difference between a story (with complications and events to surmount) and the telling of an event only, i.e. a diary or journal entry. Only here on a TG site would such a diary or journal entry be welcomed or even liked … because of the underlining desire of many on this site to experience such a transformation for real.

And what you did to Mister Spock … how dare you?

Author's Response: Your comments on the difference between a story and a not-story are bang-on. As you say, not-stories are quite popular in our community; they're called captions, and a vignette is basically a long caption (and this vignette is a VERY long caption). There's nothing wrong with that sort of thing, of course, which is why I'm careful to distinguish (on my website) between captions, vignettes and stories. Regarding pics: I know they can be included here, but my main forum for "publishing" my work is on my website, and I got to a lot of trouble to post nicely formatted PDFs there. I just post a few things here to attract attention to my website; I'm not making any money at this, so I can't justify the time to do much more. Also, I don't have any legal rights to the photos I use, so if anyone complains at least it would be a little easier to remove them (I recently had a caption removed from DeviantArt for that reason.) Regarding Spock (as in the caption "Spock Reborn"): I know it borders on the sacrilegious (and I'm a big Spock fan myself), but I simply couldn't resist. It was done with affection. :-)

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