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Reviewer: miss_circe Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/04/18 02:39 pm Title: Mother's Way

I enjoyed this, even though forced-fem isn't really usually my thing. You write really well, and the situations are interesting, sexy and enjoyable to read - even though the mom is awful!

Author's Response: Thank you. The mom is indeed awful. I have nothing against mothers in general, and my own was a very good person; the story just seemed to demand that the character act that way. And I do hope that everyone is aware that only a small fraction of what I write falls into the category of forced-fem. I write all kinds of different stuff!

Reviewer: Lucy Perkins Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/04/18 04:37 am Title: Mother's Way

I'm really not a forced-fem fan at all but this is excellent ( if slightly creepy). Dam..was she the mother from hell? Keep up the great work Amanda!

Author's Response: Thanks, Lucy. I appreciate your kind words. The mother's actions are definitely creepy, and incredibly selfish. Not terribly realistic, but TG fiction has a lot of characters who act that way. That's not to defend the mother, of course, but it does seem to be hard to write TG fiction without violating somebody's space in some way (e.g., stealing their body, force-feminizing them, etc).

Reviewer: MrSimple Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/03/18 03:22 pm Title: Mother's Way

I actually read this because of it having the two star. I wanted to know what exactly was wrong with it. Might have found it, honestly, but as you said, this isn't worth the 2 star rating.

1 star, it's a story. XD
2 star, never lost immersion.
3 star, it kept my interest.
4 star, I certainly felt emotion.

Now, the reason I think that the story got hit hard was the conclusion. Everything up to that point was awesome. Thing that probably got on everyone's nerves was how Jesse reacted upon being freed from the hypnosis. We don't get an idea what they chatted about at all before they split the jewelry. Maybe the son/daughter thanked the mother, told her off, slapped her, or done something that would threaten the rest of her life to giving up the jewelry. Honestly, if that were me, I'd be one less mother and have no care how limited they come.

That mother did -- not practically or nearly -- 'DID' ruin the life Jesse had going. Speaking of which... We had a bit more information on who Rudy was than what Jesse had been before losing the five years as 'mother and wife.' >.>

Author's Response: Thank you for your thoughtful response. Your critique of the ending is quite reasonable. The mother's actions aren't terribly realistic; a real person is incredibly unlikely to act so brutally and so selfishly. I didn't set out to create such a character, but the story (a vignette, really) seemed to want to go in that direction. TG fiction actually has a lot of characters who act like this, though, either by stealing some poor woman's body/life or by forcibly feminizing someone else. That doesn't excuse such behavior, but this story certainly isn't alone in using it. Your 4-star rating system is interesting, and useful, but it's pretty obvious that not everyone is using it. I've seen absolutely awful stories (in terms of the writing quality) given 5 stars (by numerous people); presumably just because it happens to press their buttons. To me, the stars have the feel of a movie rating, so 1 star is an awful movie, 2 stars is poor, 3 stars is average, and so on. Those kinds of ratings are given by critics, who at least back up their rating with comments as to why they felt that way. On this website, giving a story a poor rating without a word of explanation is beyond useless: it's damaging to the author. In fact, it's really just trolling.

Reviewer: Amanda Hawkins Signed Report
Date: 08/03/18 06:46 am Title: Mother's Way

No offense, people, but a two-star rating for this story is a joke. I've never been one to toot my own horn (so to speak), but this story's general writing quality is far better than most stories on this website. It may not tickle any given reader's particular fancy, and that's fine. But to give it a bad rating (especially without a word of explanation), and then turn around and five-star some amateurish thing that happens to get you off---that's just wrong. This sort of thing makes me consider quitting this site for good.

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