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Reviewer: Elron Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/15/19 05:46 am Title: Taking a Risk

This has been an interesting story so far. Not like any I have ever read. I am not familiar with anime, or manga, or whatever this is, so some parts of it are harder to follow. But please keep it going. Thanks.

Author's Response: I'm glad to have caught and kept your interest in this story. I certainly will be continuing it, but I'm also getting swamped with work. :(

When I first wrote this, I had not intended the story to be an anime/manga-like story, but with the revision, it certainly has taken that step. I kinda blame ScribbleHub for that. XD

Lemme know which parts are being difficult. It's not a good thing if I'm not coherent, so I must improve how I convey my stories. And one day, I hope to do be crystal clear when I tell my tales. :D

Thank ya for reading! :)

Reviewer: Lilchelly Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/29/19 09:31 am Title: Taking a Risk

OMG I love this story, I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. This story is so cute, and awwwww someone has a little crushy. Though she's in heat, when it ends is when her head will clear and wow I didn't expect Hideki to be the good guy and old hitoshi to be the bad one. This is an amazing story, showing us viewpoints we wouldn't have considered, I absolutely adore it!

Author's Response: :D

I completely understand if this story was overlooked. Stray was originally a oneshot story, which I tried to keep short enough (within the 15k word count allowance) for it to be all read in one go. But, as you can see, fixing up the story required going beyond the limits. XD

I'm very happy to have accomplished some cuteness. I've been wanting to write a cute story for awhile, which I think I had with another short story but that's being held in reserve for the next mixtape. So when that comes out, I hope it will be cuter than Stray. :)

Yep, definitely a heavy crush. We'll see if the affection lasts outside Hitoshi being in heat. ;)

As for who's good and bad, I had originally tried to hint that into the former story, but I believed it was completely overlooked. Not many good people would kick a person while they're down, let alone stomp their heads into the pavement, but again, I think it was the stereotype ganging up scenario that caused Hitoshi's questionable actions to be missed.

I will hopefully be providing more clarification in the story during the date event in the next chapter. :)

Thank you for reading and telling me your thoughts! I appreciate it. :D

Reviewer: Roadbandit Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/28/19 04:15 pm Title: Taking a Risk

Excellent chapter,I’m glad you started it again

Author's Response: Thank ya, and I hope to keeping chugging away at the story until completion. A proper conclusion this time around. ;)

Reviewer: Wispy Signed Report
Date: 01/28/19 06:48 am Title: Taking a Risk

I'm enjoying this a lot more than the original version. previously bit of it really bugged me despite how much i like the theme and parts of the story, the new edits feel both more natural and consensual than before. I plan to keep reading.

Author's Response: Awesome, and thank ya! I do try to follow up on what everyone says, and as long as I still live, I'll fix everything for everyone to enjoy. :)

I'm glad to see that you've taken an interest and plan to continue checking this story out. I'll be certain to update the next chapter, once I've written it. :D

Reviewer: Maria Esperanza Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/15/18 10:17 pm Title: Alley Cat

Mr. Simple, you have such a wonderful way of describing submission and dominance intermixed with romance. It's just so evocative and I look forward to it every time I read your stories. I did not enjoy the abrupt end very much, but I know how tricky endings can be. I look forward to more of your stories, and really hope you continue risk, union, and wish. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank'ya very much! :D

That does make me happy to know you have been enjoying those kind of relationships. :)

Yeah, I know my endings are kinda on the downside. I know if I had not ended this where it was, I would have started up another new series. XD

Speaking of series, I do intend to return to those three and the others at some point. Currently in the middle of a big project I intend to finish before I work on anything else. ;)

Thanks again and I certainly will continue to write! I enjoy it very much. :D

Reviewer: Rellawing Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/14/18 12:51 pm Title: Alley Cat

I read this story on recommendation by MrSimple. Three-quarters of the story made me grin from time to time. The cuteness of the character definitely appealed to me the most, and I think MrSimple nailed the personality of a cat, overall. The scenario with the stray cat and the muscled cat who was after her made me think of Rhett Butler and Luna, an episode from Sailor Moon, classically.

I had some issues with the somewhat inaccurate take on Japanese culture, through an American filter very strongly. It's certainly not uncommon for instances of violence, but I would say that most deaths these days in Japan are accidents, suicide, or working oneself to death in the do your best mindset.

Furthermore, the promise of the description of the story was not delivered on. If the character wasn't extremely cute and even daresay somewhat moe, this story would otherwise rate a 3 or 2 star for me for the underwhelming ending of the story. I won't spoil it for readers, but I will say that she definitely does not achieve a thing of what she sets out to complete. Readers will know as it is marked maturely that it contains sexual situations, but the sex ends up becoming the whole point of the story in my opinion, thus categorizing this as a hentai/porn with a more substantial character development than one would typically contain.

Author's Response: Thank'ya again for reading it! :D

I'm glad I nailed the kitty part down. I'll certainly work on the cuteness more. :)

Yep, I'm American and I'll be more determined to research my culture before creating the setting the way I did here. I do recall that the Japanese police force is one of the best in the world, or something like that. >.>

I definitely feel like I have an issue with story endings. I want to end them, but if I don't cut them off at some point, they become ongoing series. XD

The next time I do a catgirl story, or cute one, I'll keep the sexual content either out or, at the very least, in the low. ;)

Thank'ya again for the review and hope to do better next time! XD

Reviewer: H20_Mel0n Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 07/26/18 07:58 pm Title: Alley Cat

Awesome! I really liked it :) Would be awesome to see longer stories of that kind ^-^

Author's Response: Thank'ya and glad you enjoyed it. I'll keep that in mind when writing more works. :D

Reviewer: TyVulpine Signed starstar Report
Date: 07/26/18 10:22 am Title: Alley Cat

At first, it was an exciting story, until the fight when it became a cliched anime/manga story with the Japanese names, and lost interest.

Author's Response: Thank'ya for reading and giving it a shot, but didn't base it off anime tropes. If I did, I would have been very tempted to add exaggerated emotes. XD

This is during the Banchou era of schools --roughly before and little after the 70's-- where the students of schools had grown up with the uniformed ideals off imperial position from the war veterans of WW2. By then, they were in decline during the Japanese economic rise and boom. :)

Unless you are referring to the catgirl, I did make mention before the story what kind of kitty this was gonna be. XD

You said you lost interest. Did you finish it? O_o?

Reviewer: Shadow Dragon Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 07/26/18 07:20 am Title: Alley Cat


It's so friggin' adorable!

Author's Response: Thank'ya! Wasn't really sure I could pull off the 'Cute' factor here. XD

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