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Reviewer: Day Dreamer Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/13/18 12:51 am Title: Chapter One: Dreams of Tomorrow

It seems like the longer the story, the shorter the list of reviews, at least if you publish a lot of chapters at once (grin). Anyway this story has moved me to log in and tell you how much I'm enjoying it (albeit only through chapter 21 so far). Your writing is very professional, with few glitches, even if at times the fonts or the dialogues are quirky. But that's not a complaint. I like how you're taking the time to bring us along on a wild ride and explore a lot of the details, leaving less to the imagination and enrichening the plot.

Author's Response: Thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Remember, Yesterday's Child is a re-issue of an earlier upload to this site entitled “A Contested Future, Mike’s Globally Despised Solution.” Many of the regular crowd who usually chime in with reviews and comments did so back then in that version. I’ve returned the story to this site (for most likely only briefly) because it is now obvious to me that with the impressive amount of read hits “Your Inner You” is amassing, my novels do tend to attract new readers on this site even past what I would assume was the period the story is fresh and new. I’ve always believed that once a story left TG Storytime’s home page listings of New Stories, the story was pretty much done, as it then was relegated to the back listings with all the previously uploaded stories to this site, largely to be forgotten. The read count on that novel keeps climbing. I suspect I pulled “A Contested Future” from this site too soon, anxious to make it big on Amazon Kindle. Its reception there so far has been less than great. Yesterday’s Child is 34 actual chapters long. (Ignore the TG Storytime table of contents chapter listings; the longer chapters have been divided for those who shy away from very large chapters on this site. For some reason, on a site like this one, the nature of the material causes a reader to wish to take the stuff in short bites only.) Only 13 chapters remain, and I promise you the "wild ride" will not let up. Only in the Epilogue Chapter will it probably calm down. This story is a like a wild whitewater raft ride through the rapids. Trust me, you'll be buffeted back and forth till the very end. I'm even going to add Chapter One from "The Stellar Quest" as a sort of codicil because it again mentions the Hagertons of 2410 from the other timeline, continually referenced in “Yesterday’s Child.” The “codicil” doesn’t appear in the Amazon Kindle version but maybe when or if I replace that version with a picture-less version of this new edition, I’ll include it to incite those readers (there as here to read “Stellar Quest” as well, as it sort of continues the basic premise). Again, I’m glad you’re enjoying. Stay tuned for Chapter 22. You’re not expecting what happens next.

Reviewer: BreeAnne Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/01/18 12:36 am Title: Chapter One: Dreams of Tomorrow

Love the story.

Author's Response: Thank You.

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