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Reviewer: Matty Caff Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/27/18 07:52 am Title: Matty’s Life with William Part Three: Revelations

Of course this is fiction; but not every thing is idealized. I dressed a lot in college, and I think my parents may have suspected. Again, the story is fantasy; but I imagined how it might have gone if they ever did confront me. As I've become a parent myself; there isn't much a child (even and adult one) does that the parents are not aware. So although this is fiction, it is a possible real-world situation of knowing and accepting. There are two more stories in the series; and I hope I have enough twists and turns to keep you interested. The story is completely fictional; but there are moments taken from my real life that I hope makes the story believable. ;-) Matty is a flawed character, which makes her subject to mistakes and temptations, as well as love and lust. I hope the roller coaster ride continues for you. :) Sadly, TGStorytime has a more restricted limit on image; so I won't be able to show all of them created for the story. ;-) Thanks for you review. I was wondering if anyone was really reading this series. ;-)

Reviewer: Lucy Perkins Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/27/18 07:31 am Title: Matty’s Life with William Part Three: Revelations

My oh my Matty..that was a rollercoaster! Once again you really tell a good story and have created a lovely believable couple of main I imagine that you wish your own story had gone! I must admit that I was petrified about Williams reaction to the revelation.. And glad that he came to his senses!
I have to be jealous of Matty for the reaction that her parents had..oh to have had such a reaction myself? Sadly most of us find a less welcoming homecoming.. It has taken me a long time to forgive words spoken at that time..but a lovely twist in your plot...well done. I hope that Matty does go for own is imminent and I literally can't wait. I look forward to your next installment as I recuperate.

Author's Response: New to this system; please read my response that I accidentally posted as a new review. :)

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