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Reviewer: Lailaluvs00 Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/25/17 05:50 pm Title: Part four Chapters 30---35 Conclusion

Very well done, thanks for the ride!

Author's Response: The ride continues in book 2, "THE LOST EMPIRE and Book 3 "The Fifth Vector."

Reviewer: storylovinggamer Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/20/17 06:30 am Title: Part four Chapters 30---35 Conclusion


Reviewer: Tahiri Veila Signed star Report
Date: 12/15/17 05:29 pm Title: Part 1 Chapters 1-10

can't download to read

Reviewer: miara Signed Report
Date: 12/14/17 11:09 am Title: Part 1 Chapters 1-10

It doesnt really make much sense of what you said. I see there is no way of proper reasoning here.

Reviewer: miara Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/14/17 05:10 am Title: Part 1 Chapters 1-10

I saw this story and was really surprised by the length and quality of it. It just happens like every year or so a story like this is published on here. The plot is great but sadly you totally ruined it for me at least, because you used she/her for him.... why!? This is marked as "does not change", so hes straight, right. Hes still HIM in his head. It makes the plot just really bad and hard to read, just by the fact you chose she and her for him. If you had chosen and stayed with he, his him it would have been an amazing story. I will give it still 5 stars because of how good and long this is written.

Author's Response: Well, once Webber was physically a WOMAN----AND she finally knew it, then Webber was referred to as "She and Her" . Very early in the change Webber was very confused, physically changed but definitely a HE trying to figure out what happened. It was only after he recovers in the hospital does he really realize He is NOW a SHE ---physically anyway, even though Mentally, more or less, SHE is still a straight male-----but we start to see a "female" emotional overlay----Keep in mind this story has a heavy Emotional psychological element. and everybody sees Webber as a woman even though Webber both tries to adapt while fighting his fears of losing his former self.----Hey, the psychological element and internal conflicts are part of the first book, until the sequel (coming later) where Webber "stabilizes" to a degree to a generally genderless entity which brings along a new set of problems

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