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Date: 12/07/17 03:51 pm Title: A STAR TREK, TNG STORY

I have not finished the story yet, but i would just like to say that i love it so far! I am a huge fan of star trek (not to the point of collecting the series or merchandise from it, but in that I've seen pretty much every episode out there) and i feel that you have nailed it in replicating the scene, with a interesting twist of course. When i'm reading i'm not just reading words and having to make things up in my mind, i'm actually imaging it playing out as if it was a star trek episode, with picard's, data's and jordy's voices and faces all coming to my mind, even down to their outfits. A while back another person on here attempted making a star trek story with obvious twist in it, but i never felt it was really true to the story, and honestly it was rather poorly written. This is great! I really hope you can create more star trek episodes in the future in a story form... Since this site requires that it has the obvious transformation twist of some kind in a story, perhaps you can just create future stories based in this same universe, so that you don't have to come up with individual transformations, and so that you can focus on the star trek elements. (Also i'd like to apologize for the atrocious review. I have not spell checked it in any way, and i can see I've already made a couple errors.)

Author's Response: This story inspired me to create my OWN universe as --Why do work with a universe that is copyrighted by someone else? stay tuned for "The Last Frontier". Think--" "Star Trek" meets "the Outlaw Josie Wales" with a Female lead"---A universe (IMHO) just as Structured and Complete as "Trek", but quite different. Depicting a time when humans are finally beginning to colonize exoplanets in the far reaches of the Galaxy, and facing the lawlessness isolation and self determination comparable to pioneers in the American West. The series centers around A recognized Hero, Captain Leslie Thames Webber, known for his opposition to a vast Criminal Cartel that preys on the settlers.----Who is betrayed, captured and Changed into a woman in a botched attempt to gruesomely kill him by scrambling his DNA. The confused, emotionally devastated Webber, thinks it is all over for her. fighting both a loss of identity and personal prejudices against women, until her superhuman self discipline and devotion to duty FORCES her into action to rescue her crew from slavery and avenge herself----And once again become the hero she once was, only in a different package. Webber and five other outcasts, each with their own injuries, take on the Cartel Head on. The TLF Universe is a bit more "conservative" and darker than the Trek universe. More realistic, where "aliens" truly ARE Alien, and new discoveries abound in every mission.----I am a Scientist myself and also well versed in Physics, Psychology and even the Paranormal.---All of which can be found in the TLF stories.

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