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Reviewer: QueenOfBlades Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/05/18 11:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

That was definitely different. Having read all four of these stories here now, I’m not sure what I expected, as these are all what I would consider “weird,” but definitely not in a bad way. This one in particular gave some interesting perspectives on what life might be like for a polygamous species whose gender and sexuality are often beholden to their bodies. It even ended in a way that I definitely didn’t expect and found to be pleasantly surprising.

Reviewer: TitanOfChaos Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/08/17 09:29 pm Title: Chapter 11

Thank you very much for the story! I've kept up with all of your valentine divergence stories, and although they're a little odd and abstract, they're also very sweet and romantic, as well as being worldly. Very good story!! ^^

Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 12/07/17 09:42 pm Title: Chapter 1

Cool story with a good ending....
but who were those mysterious neighbours down in the House on the Corner?
I liked the way you wove those stories through yours!

It helped just how far the impacts would reach...
I'm a sucker for details.

Reviewer: Griffin Signed Report
Date: 12/03/17 04:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

I think this would be great for anime-
Anime doesn't have to always be 100% realistic,of course...
as I'm certain that you very well know.

Maybe you should try branching out a little-
presenting a Divergence story elsewhere that may or may not involve the TG aspect is certainly not going to undermine your efforts in the TG 'verse.

The Dreamers are perfect for that.

Are you familiar with the song Dreamweaver by Gary Wright?

Look it up on YouTube,
it's certainly relevant.

The paranatural aspect of the mystery of the dream-people
is very pertinent right now to the whole Slenderman/tulpa musings
on the paranormal frontier.

have you considered altering your alias by using partial initials to differentiate TG/non-TG work?

Your moniker is unique enough that I doubt that anyone would get confused.

Just a thought.

Your characters are perfectly poised to explore issues of racism and other forms of superficial
contempt,ostracism&ingrained social disdain-
God knows there's no shortage of those problems with far too much pandering and grandstanding churning around them...
not to mention equally superficial "analyzing" and not-so-much problem solving.

One thing that I have particularly enjoyed is how your characters develop and gender/species contemplations are explored tastefully without tacky porn-type trashiness.

There's no shortage of that elsewhere,either...

Your realistic acknowledgement of the stigma concerning xenophilia
is quite poignant-
I can unfortunately foresee wars&skirmishes,
as well,

"Fighting like cats&dogs..."

I just think you're limiting yourself by pursuing these venues only-
There's nothing keeping you from branching out.

I don't think you're reaching your full potential or all of your possible audience by limiting yourself to this realm.

So much online TG is
(make of that what you will)
that it really seems to be an uphill pull for you if you pursue that avenue ONLY.

Where would Rowling be if she had only set up tables at D&D conventions?

I believe that dysphoria is virtually universal at different stages of being human-
gender only represents a splinter of that struggle.

Anyone who lives long enough gets uncomfortable with their flesh and the world around them....
most of us are already feeling that way throughout our teenage experience,
to varying degrees.

Folks need hope&encouragement that they are not alone and that there's not any thing more or less wrong with them than there is with those around them.

We just have different arrangements of struggles.


The whole meta-human superhero
dimension has really exploded...
it now DOMINATES the film industry financially.

Spider-Man 2 was the most expensive film ever made,
at the time.

Suicide Squad was a massive disaster in my opinion-
the whole enchantress/"where's the Joker" thing was pointless enough and I am no fan of suicide anyway but I shall not digress.

it has brought in over $750 million

Money is not my master and it is not my mistress,
I'm just using that aspect
to gauge scale.

I believe that the frustration factor of "teenagerism" has always been the single-greatest driving force behind the rapid emergence and explosive growth of the whole superhero genre...
not to mention fantasy/adventure in general.

That would include teenagers of all ages,
of course...

why not more meta-human fantasy?

What does it really mean to be human,

Reviewer: Griffin Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 12/02/17 01:35 pm Title: Chapter 1

I don't know why you don't have more reviews for this but I for one am impressed with your creativity.

This is one of the few stories and/or series that can easily leave the limits of the venue of this site and thrive on its own merits in the broader realms of sci-fi/fantasy in general.

Your Dreamer concept and the Divergence mytharc are better and more original than anything on tv right now.

I think that you are limiting yourself by emphasizing the TG aspect.

If you want to publish these,
perhaps TG can be more of an inevitable and even central element but still brought more into orbit around the Change and all the psycho-social ramifications that ensue.

As a means for exploring&expressing socio-political justice&equality and their contradistinctions
la Aesop and his fiction,
I think that you are onto something.

Write On!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind words. I've thought about expanding them into an ebook collection with some non-TG Divergence stories. I have a plethora of story ideas for the Divergence, but I also have an even bigger plethora of story ideas in general, and a small plethora (about six or seven) of unfinished stories in progress, so it's not the highest priority. The thing is I am known (under this name) only for TG fiction, so finding a wider audience for the Divergence stories could be tricky. I hope you will leave a review on Amazon and/or Smashwords for the short story collection(s) in which these stories eventually appear. ("Butterflies" and "House" were in "The Weight of Silence and Other Stories". "Nora" and "Home" will be in another collection that should hopefully appear in the next few months. All four, plus at least one more, will appear in "The Valentine Divergence" when I get around to writing some more Divergence stories.)

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