Reviews For The Pill Snatcher
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Reviewer: A01 Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 02/18/18 08:14 am Title: Chapter 1

The plot is quite interesting. However if were talking about realism, talking from someone actually going through the transition, I hope you do know that they'd have to live as a female socially for a year? And considering it seems this person is always in this 'male' role I believe anyways, doesn't it show any signs of him realistically being allowed to go on HRT. But still, good storyline and I personally dont care about the realism. Just hope you post out a new chapter, pls. Cause its been ages ...

Reviewer: Michelle Mac Signed Report
Date: 01/14/18 05:02 pm Title: Chapter 4

I wish I had a source for those pills when I was a teenager then my Michelle life would have been very different

Reviewer: RachelX Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/30/17 09:40 pm Title: Chapter 4

Definitely not just the same old story. A really good start; quite intriguing. Looking forward to more.

Reviewer: Terrigen Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/30/17 01:41 am Title: Chapter 4

Really liking the slow burn. Looking forward to more.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 11/29/17 06:21 pm Title: Chapter 1

You don't get a sense of inner peace etc. from every single drug there is so it is not an effect that the kid knew that he was going to get. HRT can cause blod clots etc. and they can happen quickly, in lesser time than two weeks if you're unfortunate.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed starstar Report
Date: 11/29/17 04:16 am Title: Chapter 3

The effects of HRT won't show that rapidly. Also, it is pretty shitty of the trans kid to just allow the cool kid to take his medicine when there are all sorts of risks associated with HRT.

Author's Response: No effects have been shown yet. A general sense of peace could easily be a placebo just because he wants something to happen. True but also they get bullied, a lot of people would do all sorts to not get bullied and as far they're concerned it's not any long agreement just for 2 weeks which, as you said wouldn't really do much

Reviewer: Nowawoman Anonymous Report
Date: 11/28/17 02:22 pm Title: Chapter 1

Interesting start. I'd recommend you break up the paragraphs more, on this site that makes the story easier to read. I didn't sumble on any serious typos or grammatical errors, so there are all the ingredients for good writing. A bit more dialogue would give it more life, but that may just be a personal preference of mine. Keep going. The concept is good.

Reviewer: Sammy1997 Signed Report
Date: 11/26/17 07:00 pm Title: Chapter 1

I’m interested to see how this goes, the second I read the part about the pills I was like “this ain’t gonna end well for him” lol keep going!

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