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Date: 12/30/17 06:58 pm Title: KonoSuba - Darkness Day

I was surprised to see Konosuba when I ran through the story lists and I just had to give it a read. I have mixed feelings about the story though my overall feelings resulted in a 4 star rating.

The Cons: I thought Kazuma could be a little more Kazuma-like although I'd imagine it's pretty hard to write in a manic style like Konosuba has. I thought Darkness was a bit too sadistic. Her personality is noble and self sacrificing to a fault and so I think she wouldn't take any pleasure in seeing Kazuma punished, though she might have been angry at him for stealing from her. The idea of an anti-theft spell is novel, but I think Darkness would be happy if someone were to steal her sword from her and use it to strip her. She's weird that way.

The Pros: You did a good job of conveying Darkness' masochism (though a little more of the Konosuba manicness could have been added in). I thought it was pretty hilarious to give Kazuma a taste of what a day in the life of Lalatina Dustiness Ford was like. XD The final scenario with the two of them was sexy without being too explicit. The skeletal knights largely wanting nothing to do with the kinky nonsense of the duo was spot on. The last touch with the reports of the faint sounds of moaning was pretty amusing too. It put a last nice touch on the story.

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