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Reviewer: Azaira Signed Report
Date: 10/25/17 10:58 pm Title: One Piece - Carrot Island

I'd be interested to read it, but the clumpy formatting needs some work.

Paragraphs should be limited to a singular character focus - only one person should "speak" in any lone paragraph, or you may have various issues popping up; like who is speaking what set of words, and this is only one possible issue. They should also be limited in length; depending on the reader, a paragraph could literally become a wall of text that a person could easily lose their reading position - limiting this to about five sentences and/or lines is a decent length(guideline, not rule), though they can be as short as a single word.

Author's Response: With a short story format I can see how that'd be a bit more helpful. I often space out my story though how I space out dialogue often changes between the stories I do. (And sometimes the spaces I make in a word doc I have to re-space on here and I may miss a line here and there so that happens too.) Though over all I know my style regardless of how it may change between stories, doesn't appeal to all. But tips to encourage others to read things over. Or even help myself proof read to nip mistakes I made. Yeah need to surely work on that stuff. Though suppose any writer is always working on that. Thank you for the tips on formatting.

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