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Reviewer: FaithRomeyer Signed Report
Date: 02/24/17 06:27 am Title: Freaky Saturday

Considering you don't condone incest, you seem quick and fully intend on defending it.

Reviewer: FaithRomeyer Signed Report
Date: 02/23/17 06:58 pm Title: Freaky Saturday

One is headstrong and has little tolerance for malefaction, a sense of justice. Another one holds faithful belief of the past and their dedication shatters those who share the opposite views, a lasting pact of remnants. You two have your voices and they both dwell on reasons so I'll offer mine.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Coming from a guy who watches hentai and draws inappropriate images in his spare time, I'm 100 percent certain that porn is masterfully hidden in even the cutest innocent thing you can find so let me congratulate you Carol for exploiting it and you 930310 for cuffing them. Now Carol, you said the Bible covered incest...You just lost. You lost. You doomed yourself. Quoting a piece of fiction to lead to another piece of fiction, is this a crossover? I didn't see any God. Oh, and let's not forget that you're irritating the crap outta your reviewer. Have you ever had that one moment when you could pound your chest and declare how awesome you were to everyone? If you have, let it sink into you that you have gone to this. In a much brighter case when you haven't, start doing it.

I overheard someone saying completed story stayed up to 3 weeks, let's see if you can return the favor.

Author's Response: I was not quoting scriptures as an evangelist does while trying to convert some one to a religion. There are hundreds of millions of Christians who believe in the Old Testament, many millions of Jews who believe in the Torah and many Muslims who have studied and revere those ancient stories as well. Their mores (Code of ethics by which they live) is based on their religious belief. And, the story of Lott is a story of incest. In real life, I do not condone incest, regardless of age. I was just making a point. May the Force be with you. (Ha. Ha.)

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 02/21/17 10:02 pm Title: Freaky Saturday

Exactly what is so special with the anthology of fiction known as "The Bible"? Just because something is mentioned or not in it has no real relevance to whether something is justified or not.
I have studied some theology at universitety and have read larger parts of several holy scriptures.

As I said earlier, I am perfectly fine with incest if it is between two consenting people. The character in your story is not at an age of consent.

As for the swapping of traits, it seems to be oddly specific if it is just bodies and knowledge of law.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 02/21/17 03:37 pm Title: Freaky Saturday

I am CERTAINLY NOT an overseer for this website. I do not judge stories based on my personal preferences but rather how they well were written and if there is a plot or if there is just a bunch of meaningless sex that seems unjustified.

A person's age has little to do with their ability to read stories and review them properly. For the Donna Reed story you did not mention that this was based on a TV-show in the preview but rather just said that in the synopsis. Many fictional stories have fictional shows etc. so this could have been clarified. A show in the 1960's could have been progressive since the 1960's was the decade of sexual revolution with medical breakthroughs such as the Preventive Pill.

I have mentioned that your writing is very good in your other stories, it is in this one as well, but this story does not have a realistic plot. Tammy could just as well have grown up and studied law herself and then saved the rain forests. As it is now she has no knowledge whatsoever regarding the legal system and won't get anywhere for a long time.

As for the "legal age" regarding sexual intercourse; In Sweden it is 15, in the USA it is between 16-18. So somewhere around that age would be befitting. Adding a sexual taboo such as incest with a parent gives a giant age difference between the two individuals, this difference makes the body of Tammy appear much younger than if it'd been with a sibling a couple of years older.

As for you having published this story 20 years ago, say so then.

Author's Response: The combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP), also called the birth control pill, went on the market in 1960. It was illegal in some states and was only available to married women in most other states. The sexual revolution did not occur until the end of the 1960s when the pill became more available to single women. As for Tammy having legal knowledge, perhaps the Shaman swapped them in such a way that each retained legal knowledge? Remember, it is only fiction. I have never engaged in sexual incest, however, three out of four grandparents died of lung cancer because of smoking cigarettes most of their lives. Therefore, I do not have any characters in my stories smoking cigarettes. Have you heard the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Lott offered his young daughters to the perverts to get them to leave the visiting angels alone. Then, after the destruction, he and his daughters took shelter in some caves where his daughters, thinking they were the last humans left on Earth, give their father wine to get him drunk and "knew him" in the full Biblical sense, to repopulate the Earth. Incest is even in the Judeo Christian Bible.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed Report
Date: 02/21/17 09:39 am Title: Freaky Saturday

This is a website where authors post their stories in order for them to be read and reviewed/criticized by others.
A story containing children being used sexually (no matter whose mind is occupying the body) will draw attention. I am perfectly fine with incest as long as it is consensual and both parts are of legal age. This story is about a male body in its 30's ravaging a female body that is only 14.

You should absolutely add a disclaimer that not all people being sexually involved in this story are of a legal age.

I give reviews that I consider honest; not everyone gives five stars all the time. I try to point out issues with stories and how they are written in order for the authors to improve in the future.

The sexual rampage that the father and daughter went on seems unlikely and unbelievable. For most people finding yourself in a new body of the opposite sex would cause severe dysphoria and depression rather than horniness.

Author's Response: You seem to think of yourself as the overseer of this site. My guess is that in another twenty years, you will realize that you do not know everything and that everyone's stories do not have to meet your personal criteria. Your review of The Donna Reed Show stated that the story was sexist and not progressive. The story was about a period of time thirty years before you were born and in a different country. As far as legal age is concerned, which jurisdictional definition should be used? In the US, each state determines the legal age for sexual activities and not all of them agree with one another. Sex happens, for some, at a relatively early age. That is why there are so many abortions and births for twelve to eighteen year old girls. Speaking of underage sex, at one time, Sweden was considered one of the main sources for kiddie p*** being sold in the USA. As for your self appointed role in helping authors improve in the future, this story was written about twenty years ago.

Reviewer: 930310 Signed star Report
Date: 02/21/17 04:40 am Title: Freaky Saturday

Tammy is only 14 years old. This is child pornography no matter how you put it.

Author's Response: Deviant: Departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior. This story is labeled as being Deviant three times before anyone, including you, can read it. Also, it was Tammy, in another body, that had sex with her 14 year old body. Should she be arrested? People have to develop an immunity to the very strong hormonal influences that are the result of our sex drives. What happens if we awaken in a different body and have no control over those influences? Things could very easily get out of control. I could include a disclaimer. Warning!: If, some day, when you are a 14 year old girl, and you are body swapped into an adult male body, do not, I repeat, do not, have sex with your 14 year old girl's body. 930310, you have given relatively negative reviews to three of my stories. Perhaps, in the future, you should avoid my stories?

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