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Reviewer: storylovinggamer Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 03/21/18 03:41 am Title: Part Three: Adjustments

Wow!!! Holy smokes! This brings back memories from matrix. Funky and awesome as hell! I cannot wait for more, this is perfect!

Reviewer: A mandalin Signed Report
Date: 11/09/16 09:26 pm Title: Part One: Death

Like it. Seem to remember reading this a while ago though. KEEP writing please.

Author's Response: It takes me about a month between chapters, so you very well could have read one of the first couple of parts a while ago. I like to think that it's worth the wait. I will definitely keep writing. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: SillyGrampa Signed Report
Date: 11/08/16 09:35 pm Title: Part One: Death

Loved the story so far and I'd like to emphasize the story part. You've made a compelling setting and relatable characters and that's not something you see often on this site. The sprinkling in of humor is the icing on the cake. Really great stuff thanks for writing this.

Author's Response: You're welcome! Thank you for reading and reviewing. Really makes me feel good to know people out there are digging what I write. Hope you come back for the next chapter as well.

Reviewer: Lilchelly Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/08/16 01:18 am Title: Part Three: Adjustments

Holy cinnamon rolls this story is intense! So much intrigue and are A.R.E.A really as corrupt as madam worth said. Or is madam worth like that lesser god that screwed over Agent Mason. Wow this just become a massive web of intrigue and confusion. I cant wait for more :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy you're still enjoying the story. Really makes me feel great when I see people excited to read the next installment. I know it's a long wait in between chapters, but thank you for sticking with it.

Reviewer: Kathryn Mayhew Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 10/02/16 07:49 pm Title: Part One: Death

I'm surprised, but I'm really enjoying this! I normally hate Identity Death stories - but this Identity Morgue and the exploration of Unbeing is so damn cool I can't not like it. Its like she's been transported into that black X-Box game Limbo, where the little kid is looking for his lost sister and has to run away from an evil spider - its evocative and creepy as hell. I love the fact Evan's story isn't over - and that he's at least got a chance to continue to exist even if its in a messed up WTF place. This is really cool!

Author's Response: Really high praise. Both Limbo and Playdead's new game Inside are two of my favorite games ever, so to have my story compared to it is a great compliment. I hope that future installments will continue to be as interesting and hope that you keep reading. Thanks for giving it a chance!

Reviewer: DC1writes Signed Report
Date: 09/28/16 05:18 pm Title: Part One: Death

If it's of similar level, or better, you bet it's worth the wait

Reviewer: DC1writes Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/28/16 08:50 am Title: Part Two: Guidance

Really, this story keeps me reading it once started. How do you keep it up like that! It's amazing!
I think I'm okay to say that many enjoy reading this. Hope you'll have the inspiration and all to finish the story. It'd be a waste to let such unfinished.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I have big plans, both for this story and potentially for the characters, concepts, and world after it is finished. Hopefully you can endure the wait for part three!

Reviewer: FaithRomeyer Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 09/28/16 04:50 am Title: Part Two: Guidance

This world is truly massive, it must have taken quite a time to build and polish. The story telling left me amazed all the way, although only in some occasions I find myself stuck between words...not really used to long story, my bad. Anyway, I reckon I'll be enjoying this one for a while. Most kids are sweet-tooth and they love to be fed sugar everyday, just like restless readers who cannot go on without hearing an update from their dearest author, myself included. So, keep them in line and take your time. Big cakes ain't my favorite but if you are the main chef, just be sure to give them different flavor each time. You need more customers, more readerships, am I right or am I right?

Author's Response: Considering it was a month between chapters (and probably will be again), I would say that yes it's taken me quite a lot of time to get it the way I want it. I'm supremely happy that you're enjoying the writing thus far and hope that the wait for part three will be worth it.

Reviewer: rudoliastaehel Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/28/16 04:20 am Title: Part One: Death

Pretty interesting.
I do hope something is left of past him, as it is now, its like replacing the rest of the pages of a book with another one's, since pretty much everything changed.
I agree with the other reviewer, in these kind of stories, regarding the nature of the changes, its almost always either a) They are not explained, which is very unsatisfying, b) Someone caused them and gets away with it, which is very difficult to pull particularly if the victim is sympathetic (and they almost always are), or c) Not only does he/she get away with it, he/she is characterized as being in the moral high ground, as if knowing what and who must everyone else be (personally, the worst by far). Hope you can explain the motives of this 'witch' and either make her pay or redeem herself.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. I'm already working on Part 2, in which you'll see Evan again and find out what led up to the change I started the story with. Hope that you like what I'm working on.

Reviewer: aquerty Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/27/16 12:33 am Title: Part One: Death

Wow wonderful story.

Reviewer: Lilchelly Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 08/26/16 03:12 am Title: Part One: Death

Well this is awful... I really really hope that crumbcake gets what's coming to her. They never do in these stories and it's URGH! I mean if magick really was allowed to just run around willy nilly any jerk off with a spell book could ruin someone's life and no one would care? I find that extremely hard to believe, especially with the rule of three. (since you said this is a witch)

I'm really hoping you shed some light on what it is that Evan said that made this dumb jelly donut do this terrible thing.

Author's Response: I think you'll be pleased once I get to the next parts of the story. I also hate when baked goods don't get their comeuppance and travesties such as this are allowed to go unpunished.

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