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Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 02/16/16 04:06 am Title: The Conclusive Sensational Final Chapter

Awesome ending. It was a little unexpected though. And the end bit with MJ wasn't as clear as It could be. I wasn't sure who was talking at times.

Will there be a sequel? I need more.

Author's Response: Hey dude there could very well be. It was a hard story to get written, even harder because it was a commission. So I'm going to focus on my own stuff for a while, got the Star Wars thing coming out in a little while, plus some original stuff. But that doesn't mean no, it just means not right now

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 02/11/16 03:53 am Title: Issue #14

Awesome. And 5k words as well. Alot has happened in this chapter.

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 02/06/16 04:48 am Title: Issue #13

Dude. It's almost torture reading this in such small increments. I'll take what I can get, but I'd love more.

Reviewer: Darkseide Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/23/16 12:53 am Title: Issue #11

Now have Parker be a Cheerleader

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 01/17/16 07:30 pm Title: Issue #10

A sultry sexy baby kitten? I'm having trouble picturing this ( and it occurs to me that a kitten is already a baby. )

Good chapter. Pity it was so short though. I need more. This is getting better and better.

Reviewer: tornadomeister Signed starstarstar Report
Date: 01/15/16 08:27 am Title: Issue #9

Definitely still loving your writing style. A little confused as to why there's such a hard unexplained transition that cuts out the best part. I had a feeling Peter wouldn't forsake his old life but it's a little disheartening to see it happen so fast. I would love to see a version where he goes all the way and doesn't lose his personality but instead becomes addicted to his body and the spider King. Looking forward to more in future and hopefully having the rest of that dungeon scene detailed!

Reviewer: aquerty Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/15/16 05:23 am Title: Issue #9

Have to say I'm confused, how did she recap escape that "sex dungeon" that was made in super detail I might add.

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 01/14/16 08:40 pm Title: Issue #9

Unsatisfying is what that was. After all the build up from the previous chapters, it just cuts to her outside?

I'd have loved to see her crawling her way out of that hole and climbing building with only one thought going through her head. I'm sure you would have handled her mindset at that moment superbly.

Reviewer: tornadomeister Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/12/16 07:53 pm Title: Issue #8

Please please don't let this be anti-climactic (pun intended). This has been such an awesome build up to Peter losing himself and I would love to see the story actually go into detail about him succumbing. I feel you'll probably have dr strange step in at the last moment and prevent his full transformation but I would absolutely love to see what the spider King actually has in store for him and the story to explore Peter accepting and enjoying his new body, if even only for a little. Continued great work and the next chapter can't come soon enough!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the enthusiasm! I hope I don't disappoint!

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 01/12/16 04:05 am Title: Issue #8

Another good chapter. But it was over too soon. I like the mephisto character.

Author's Response: Hey thanks! He just loves evil doesn't he?

Reviewer: aquerty Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/12/16 02:07 am Title: Issue #8

Geez these chapters feel so short because I can't stop reading.

Author's Response: Hey thanks a lot! They're not much shorter than my regular chapters, it's just because of more extensive editing. I'm cutting the crap :P

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 01/08/16 10:11 pm Title: Issue #7

I like this one. Despite it being so short. It really explains their mindsets quite well.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah the chapters in this fluctuate in length a lot more than my usual stuff, generally just due to the copious drafts and levels of editing I put in. Also the Star Wars story is almost done after the Issue #1 poll finished

Reviewer: tornadomeister Signed starstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/05/16 01:31 am Title: Issue #1

Definitely getting the good parts now. I love the detail that you've added and it really is a fleshed out story. Would love to see more spider stuff (like if the king changed even more about her) but I can't wait to see where it goes from here; keep it up!

Author's Response: Hey thanks a lot! I think there's around another fifteen chaprers and there are some more Spider-Man hero moments if that's what you're meaning. So lots more stuff to explore

Reviewer: aquerty Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 01/01/16 07:32 am Title: Issue #5

Nice can't wait for more. Also interesting idea for a story.

Author's Response: Hey thanks a lot! It was a blast to write! And there's so much more to come

Reviewer: TmC Signed Report
Date: 12/31/15 06:25 pm Title: Issue #5

This story... While I like it, it's hard to read for some reason. I had to force myself to pay attention to the earlier chapters because I kept trailing off. It just doesn't seem to have a flow, If I can put it like that. Or perhaps it's being bogged down by something. Now that I think about it, your previous hero stories put me right in the action, I could see it happening around me. But here it feels like I'm watching from a distance.

The one off series each had a spark that pulled me into the universe despite me knowing very little about the characters in general. This one seems to lack that. But, at least I can finally see that we're getting into the meat of the story.

Author's Response: I suppose I was trying to make it feel more immersive with the slowness, amping up the story and letting the characters have breathing space. Perhaps I went too far with that, but the action does ramp up from here I promise!

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