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Reviewer: Nowawoman Anonymous starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 04/27/17 12:32 pm Title: Bravery

Hi Person, it is different for each and everyone of us. I tricked myself into it, as you can read about in the first chapter of Sabrina - A weekend made-over. But then I have always been a confident one. Today, 34 years later, I am a confident professional woman. they are all the little steps of the way, the little successes you have on your way, that make you stronger every time. Look back on them with a smile as well as your mistakes (for which you need to forgive yoursef), of course, if ever you want to get somewhere. Just never lose the cetainty about who you are inside. She will become visible to those, who appreciate seeing her. The otherrs don't really matter.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words

Reviewer: Proudleaf Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/09/15 06:23 pm Title: Bravery

I am in a similar situation right now. My wife now knows, it all came out this summer. I've started to seek counseling with someone who specializes in this field. However I feel very torn between who I appear to be and who I need to be. My wife has told me that she cannot accept living with me if I was to fully transition. I feel like I'm stuck. I contemplate suicide because I don't know if could stand to lose the people I love that will not accept me or continue living the lie of being something I'm not. I hope this counseling will help becausei just want to find some kind of peace inside. I'm tired of feeling so conflicted. So thank you for what you have written because it perfectly encapsulates how I feel too

Author's Response: Thank you. While I cannot give you the advice you most likely need right now, know that I'm here to talk as well as many others within the community if you ever feel the need

Reviewer: Nathriel Signed Report
Date: 11/06/15 10:28 am Title: Bravery

From experience (as I've posted a similar thing here), I know it's already quite a relieve to just write it all out like you've just done here. It's another to finally share it online like this. And then it's a massive relieve when you've finally told someone close to you. The moment just before I told my own parents was the most nervous moment of my live, but such a relieve when I did.
One thing I want to stress is that in no way are you alone with anything you might feel. Personally I had a lot of doubts as well that made me feel that even among transgender I was unique in that respect. But one of the things I've learned is that no matter what you're dealing with, it's almost certain there's other people out there dealing with the same things.
I congratulate you on finally being able to tell your parents. I won't presume to know your situation, but what has personally helped me immensely is the fact after I told my parents and was accepted by them, I knew I had a safe place at home. After that you can just do things at your own pace. I didn't tell our immediate family and friends either until a couple of months later.
Anyway, i wish you the best of luck going forward. If you ever want to talk to someone dealing with similar things, feel free to contact me. I know it helped me when I could freely talk with other people who were transgender.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'll certainly keep your name in mind if I ever need to talk. The problem with my pace is that it will probably end up being too slow...

Reviewer: Sanro Signed starstarstarstarstar Report
Date: 11/04/15 01:23 am Title: Bravery

Thank you for sharing I am with you much love

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words

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